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The Why And How Behind Your Supplements

Vitabiotics | Published: 20210715

The Why And How Behind Your Supplements

Why Can Supplements Be Useful? And, How Do We Remember To Take Them?

Not many of us have ‘perfect’ diets and lifestyles all the time, which is why supplements can sometimes help safeguard our intake of certain vitamins and minerals.

Vitabiotics is the UK’s number 1 vitamins range and our supplements are carefully designed to support your needs, whatever your age and lifestyle.

But Why Should You Take Supplements?

With our often hectic lives, you might find yourself skipping meals or grabbing on-the-go, processed foods, which might not always provide the nutrients your body needs. Our Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) is classed as the average daily dietary intake level sufficient to meet the nutrient requirement of nearly all healthy individuals in a group. If we don’t hit these NRVs, a supplement can help bridge the gap.

With vitamin D, it is very difficult in the UK between October to March, to meet the NRV as vitamin D is synthesised by the body on exposure to sunlight. In the UK, the sun isn’t strong enough during autumn and winter. As such, the UK Department of Health recommends we consider taking a vitamin D supplement every day during these months. Plus, the Department of Health advises certain groups of people to take specific supplements every day. They recommend that women take 400 micrograms (µg) of folic acid every day before becoming pregnant and until they’re 12 weeks pregnant. It’s also recommended that children aged 6 months to 5 years are given a supplement containing vitamins A, C and D every day.

A Regular Intake

Some vitamins, such as vitamin C, as well as the B vitamins, are water soluble, which means they leave the body when we urinate. So, we need to ensure we’re getting adequate amounts of these vitamins every day.

It’s also important to remember that it can take a while to reap the benefits of taking supplements. We recommend taking your supplement daily, for at least 6 weeks, to notice any changes.

With our busy lives, remembering to take supplements every day however can be difficult. Give these handy tips a try...

1. Set Alarms

If you need a loud reminder, set a daily calendar alarm on your smartphone. You can pick the exact time you want to be reminded, and even the sound that alerts you.

2. Place Your Supplements Somewhere Obvious

Tucking your supplements away at the back of a drawer is sure fire way to forget to take them. Instead, put them somewhere that can’t be missed and make them part of your routine. Do you have fruit every lunchtime? Then place them next to your fruit bowl!

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3. Try A Post-it Note

This isn’t for everyone, but a post it note on the mirror, or on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door, offers a handy reminder to take your supplements. Alternatively, pop it on your front door handle so you certainly won’t miss it as you leave the house in the morning.

4. Opt For A Pillbox

These make supplements very easy to transport, plus, it makes it far easier to remember. If you keep your pillbox in your handbag or on your bedside table, you’ll always see it. Plus, your supplements are then allocated to the specific day, so you aren’t dealing with different packets.

As for when you take your supplements, it’s best to follow instructions on the packet. Our supplements are best taken with a main meal.

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