Vitabiotics Wellwoman is an advanced range of women's supplements, specially designed for the specific nutritional needs of modern women.

Wellwoman vitamins for women includes vitamins B5, B12 and iron which contribute to normal energy release and immune system function.

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Wellwoman Reviews ★★★★★

"A couple of months I began taking the Vitabiotics Over 70 supplement for Women. I could not believe how quickly I found I had more energy, wanted to do more things and am finding life much more attractive all round. I will certainly keep on with this daily capsule. Thank you very much."

Miss Jennifer Wootton, England, United Kingdom

"Since I have been taking Wellwoman 70+ I feel really well. I have been taking this supplement for a couple of years and I really think they help, together with a good diet, to help keep me healthy!!!"

Mrs Patricia Williams, London, United Kingdom

"I've taken Wellwoman capsules for 3-4 months, my complexion generally looks clear and bright! Now I don't even need to wear foundation! "

Mrs P C, London, United Kingdom

" Your Wellwoman Original seems to be effective in helping my monthly cycle. So far so good and thank you. "

Ms A NJ, Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

"I have been taking 'Wellwoman Original' and 'Osteocare-Original' tablets ( at different intervals of the day) for the last 6 months. These tablets have really made a tremendous difference to my life and i have great energy levels and sense of overall wellbeing. I am very grateful to Vitabiotics for such a great range of quality products. "

Miss S H, London, United Kingdom

"I am a 40 year old who has been using Wellwoman for the past month. I would like to say it has certainly helped me a lot, and I have felt a difference in my energy levels. I will most definitely recommend this for my friends. Thank you Wellwoman."

Ms K H, Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

"I introduced wellwoman 50+ to my mother and wellman 50+ to my father. They have stopped complaining of dizziness and stiffness in their wrists. Also I don't experience the severe knee problem I used to have depsite constant visits to the physiotherapist. Am thankful that I discovered these products. "

Mrs H A, London, United Kingdom

"I love the product. I had a misscarriage 4 months ago and my dr advised me to wait 3 cycles before ttc. So while waiting for 3 cycles i started taking wellwoman capsule everyday. And today i took pregnancy test and it came out positive. My husband and I are very excited so we are going to see my obgyn for another confirmation. Thank u very much for this product it helps a lot not just my skin and nails but also my well being. I will recommend this products to all my friends. "

Mrs Sheila Hudson, Abu Dhabi, UAE

"I am so happy with this vitamin (Wellwoman). I was recently travelling in Australia and couldn’t find them in the shops which was disappointing. I have found your website and have recommended you to all my friends. These vitamins do not cost too much and has the perfect balance to help me keep my balance. Thank you."

Ms Sian Young, London, United Kingdom

"I am just writing to say just how much I have benefited health wise from taking the Wellwoman supplement. It’s amazing. I am 45 and have had various tablets which were not as effective as Wellwoman. My colleague said that she felt so much better after taking Wellwoman- she had taken them for a month at a time so I thought I’d give them a try. These capsules really are the answers to my prayers. I was really getting very down as the time of the month approached and now I just sail through it. Thank you so much for making this product available, it’s brilliant!"

Miss Suzanne Morris, London, United Kingdom

"I have been taking Wellwoman Fizz all week at my desk and have to say that I am feeling the effects on my energy levels already. I will be recommending this product to my Mum , sisters and all my friends at work. Many thanks for such a great product."

Ms Sorcha Boyce, Ireland, Ireland

"This is the best product on the market for women. I am diabetic and 4 months ago underwent a hysterectomy. I decided to take action and on a daily basis for the last 2 months i take wellwoman fizz in the morning and after breakfast take wellwoman multivitamin. Very pleased with the product and all women in early forties should know about It. "

Mrs Christine Tucker, Manchester, United Kingdom

"I have been taking Wellwoman multivitamins for 5 weeks, I cant believe how my nails have grown in this time and look very strong compared to how they used to be. I and decided to take a course of vitamins especially with my lifestyle...avoiding healthy foods for snacks, not enough fruit etc. So, I chose this multivitamin and also take a cranberry capsule every day for helping to have a healthy bladder! I feel as though they have made a difference so will continue to use them. Also a daily walk makes you feel good as well."

Ms Vanessa Norris, Gwent, United Kingdom

"I recently tried a course of Wellwoman capsules and they are fantastic! I cant say that I have noticed much physical difference, but it is as if I have just 'woken up'. I am so much happier, am more in love with my boyfriend and am so much more content than I have ever been! the future seems bright. thanx "

Ms Rheanne Kershaw, Cardiff, United Kingdom

"I have been taking wellwoman capsules for a little over a month now I just want to say thank you, and please don't stop making them. "

Miss Angela Tasker, London, United Kingdom

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say how enormously grateful I am for your Wellwoman capsules. A few weeks after starting on Wellwoman capsules I felt great, and have done ever since. Thank you so much. Kind regards"

Ms Mandy Turner, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

"Bought wellwoman fizz recently and have already been taking wellwoman caps for over a year now as well as my mum and sister and found the fizz to be fantastic, bought two packs although I gave one to my neighbour to try and she is now taking it as well. I also recommend these to all my customers."

Ms Lynn King, Strathclyde, United Kingdom

"This is strange but true.Ive never been pregnant in my life. I never thought I would become pregnant.Ive been taking these tablets for one month only and I am pregnant."

Miss Shalini Liddle, Harrogate, United Kingdom

"I was recommended Wellwoman - Vitabiotics by friends having tried for a second baby for over a year. Within one month of taking it I am now a mother to be. I feel it had a lot to do in preparing my over-stretched, over-stressed body for conception. I am now recommending it to friends all the time. Excellent product."

Mrs Nkeihuka Nnochiri, Essex, United Kingdom

"I use the product Wellwoman & intend to continuing using the product; since it is beneficial to my health. "

Ms Anne Matz, Germany, Germany

"I spent ages looking for a supplement that would give me the right combination of vitamins and minerals. Very pleased when I found Wellwoman."

Ms C B, London, United Kingdom

Wellwoman Pro Testimonials

  • Sophie Hitchon

    Sophie has had an excellent year not only did she become UK NO1, she also broke the British Record twice! She was selected to compete at the World Championships in Daegu which was a great achievement but unfortunately did not qualify for the finals.

    "The Wellwoman supplements really help me through the hard winter training times, they give me more energy and I feel that I can get better quality training done. The 2010 season was great as we reached all our targets that we set and even exceeded some! World Championships were disappointing for me but it was such a great achievement just competing there. Looking onto next year, it is a big year for the whole country with the Olympics, I would like to make the final which is one of our main goals and we are also looking to go the European Championships."

    Sophie Hitchon - 2011 UK NO1 Hammer Thrower & British Senior Record Holder

  • Nadia Williams

    "I have been taking Wellman recovery and whey protein for the last six 6 months. As an athlete I am always sceptical of the supplements I take. Not only do I have every confidence in Vitabiotic products, but the recovery and protein shakes taste great making them so much easier to consume as well as the physical benefits. Athletes do not like the taste of many shakes but these are two products that I would definitely recommend."

    Nadia Williams - 2012 UK NO2 Triple Jumper

  • Sarah Outen

    In 2009 at 24 years old, Sarah Outen became the first woman and youngest person to row solo across the Indian Ocean - in a four month journey from Australia to Mauritius. Her next expedition 'London to London: Via the World' begins on April 1st 2011 and will see her row, cycle and kayak right around the planet. Follow her online Twitter: @SarahOuten

    "I never used to buy supplements - I thought that a varied, balanced diet would suffice. However, the Wellwoman Sport & Fitness daily vitamins and the Wellwoman Fizz have made a real difference in keeping me healthy and energised through some really challenging schedules of training and work in preparation for my next major expedition. I am a convert. "

    Sarah Outen - The first woman and youngest person to row solo across the Indian Ocean

  • Alison Waters

    Alison Waters is the British National Squash champion and is currently ranked No. 4 in the world. She has represented England over 30 times at both Junior and Senior Levels, including competing at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006. Alison competes in international competitions worldwide and has won 4 Wispa titles and is 3 times British National champion.

    "Squash requires a huge amount of strength, speed and endurance. Training twice a day six days a week is tough and combined with lots of travelling, I need to make sure my body is in the best condition to enable me to perform to the best of my ability. By using Wellwoman, Jointace and Osteocare supplements I know that my body is being well looked after. With protection to my joints, general wellbeing, and having higher energy levels, this means I can just concentrate on playing squash!"

    Alison Waters - British National Squash Champion, ranked No.4 in the world

  • Sharon Gayter

    She has run over 300 marathons and over 100 ultra distance races, many of these abroad and many of these are unique or extreme races. She has done things like the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge that took nearly 6 weeks to complete, doing just 1 mile every hour for 1000 hours (up and down the London Marathon route 38 times). Sharon has run from Lands End to John O'Groats, over 800 miles and taking over 17 hours from the world record, she has ran high alpine paths in the Transalpine Race from Germany to Austria, Switzerland and finishing in Italy. She has ran the Moravian Ultra Marathon, 7 marathons in 7 days. She has run hot races such as Verdon Canyon, Libyan Challenge and the Marathon des Sables. Sharon has also run the Badwater Ultramarathon of 135 miles across Death Valley, billed as the hottest race on earth and set the best time by any British athlete, male or female.

    "Wellwoman gives me a comprehensive range of nutrients to continue my extreme training and racing schedule. Joints and injury are always a worry too but Jointace products give me confidence that I will continue for many years to come. While most train to run marathons, I use marathons as training! So recovery is vital to remain at the top. Competing in over 50 races a year I need to maintain optimum health, nutrition always being the key to keeping healthy so I rely on Vitabiotics."

    Sharon Gayter - Great Britain's top female 24 hour runner

  • Jayne Nisbet

    "I use Vitabiotics to enable me to train the my fullest. Having essential vitamins and minerals help with recovery, and having to maintain leanness in order to jump high, dietrim is an excellent product to work along side my training."

    Jayne Nisbet - 2011 UK NO3 High Jump/ Scottish No1

  • Jenna Downing

    Jenna Downing is the female World Champion extreme inline skater, 10 x British Champion and an X-Games silver medallist. After turning professional at the age of 12 (making Jenna the youngest female skater in the world ever to turn pro) Jenna has gone on to compete across the globe in major international events, amassing a lifetime of awards and receiving an extensive amount of media coverage on the way! Jenna's sport requires speed, strength and endurance so staying fit and healthy is a top priority for Jenna.

    "My sport is extremely physically demanding and injuries are not uncommon, therefore it is vital that I take the correct vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy joints and muscles. On top of this, I am always on the go so it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet. With the help of Wellwoman Sport and Fitness and Jointace products I am able to keep on top of my health, vitality and wellbeing, especially when I am away competing when I need to feel at my best. Plus the Wellwoman drinks and fizz products are fantastic at keeping my energy levels up!"

    Jenna Downing - Female World Champion Extreme Inline Skater

  • Olivia Hetreed

    Winner of the UK Triathlon League (Olympic Distance) 2009. Won five and place in Age Group and/or 40+ in most UK races in 2010 including: 1st at Swanage, 3rd at Windsor and qualified for European Championships 2009 & 2010.

    "Since I took up competing in Olympic distance triathlons Wellwoman Sport and Fitness has become as essential a part of my daily routine as my bike, swim and running sessions. Not only does it support my immune system and energy levels and keep my digestion comfortable in spite of a demanding exercise regime, I have also noticed that my hair and nails are in better condition than I can remember! Wellwoman Sport and Fitness is easy to take, a single supplement that takes care of my needs and I have experienced no unpleasant side effects....and I've been winning races all summer!"

    Olivia Hetreed - Winner of the UK Triathlon League (Olympic Distance) 2009