The Visionace® has been developed by Vitabiotics' experts and has been used in published research. With vitamins A, B2 and zinc which help to maintain normal vision, as well as Bilberry extract and Lutein Esters.

Visionace® Plus combines the Visionace® Original tablet, with high purity Omega-3 Fish oil capsules with DHA which also contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.

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Visionace® Reviews ★★★★★

"After 2 months use of the Visionace tablets the eye specialist noted improvement. Highly recommended product."

Mr A Odimayo, Bucks, United Kingdom

"A local doctor recommended Visionace for my eye health. i feel so happy now and personally thank Vitabiotics and recommend the product to others"

Mr M N, Orehal, Pakistan

"I’m a natural cynic so I don’t know what I was expecting when I purchased Visionace in June! My eyesight felt worse when I was tired. After taking Visionace for a month, I turned around to my wife and said “look at the colours in the garden-they’re really vivid!”. My wife looked at me as though I’d been drinking! But the colours seemed really ‘rich’ in a way I’d not noticed before. Also, my night sight was struggling me- all the colours fused into a fog (without specs). I’ve now noticed that detail is better at night. I can see individual house bricks from a distance, whereas before it was just a wall. From a cosmetic perspective, I’ve never had such healthy looking ‘whites’ of my eyes. I’m a hardened cynic believe me, but your product works!!!"

Mr Michael Rowley, London, United Kingdom

"Recently visiting the UK I took these tablets that I had never heard of before - they were wonderful. Am ordering some from down under!"

Miss Kristen Manning, Melbourne, Australia

Visionace® trial reported in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition¹.

This gold standard, randomised cross over study was independently carried out using Visionace Original tablets, by the Department of Vision Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University.

Professor Sudi Patel² who led the study, recommends Visionace® to his clients as the ideal formula, "Having tested Visionace® in my published nutritional research, I know just how good it is, and I like the fact it is so comprehensive." Visionace® antioxidant dietary supplement, chosen for this study is a research based vision and eye care vitamin formula, including specialist nutrients, and antioxidant vitamins C, E and riboflavin which help to maintain normal vision.

¹Dr Sudi Patel et al. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2001) 55, 589-597.

²Professor Sudi Patel, PhD, FCOptom FAAO. Former Head of Optometry, City Hospital, Birmingham. Former Senior Lecturer in Optometry, Glasgow Caledonian University.