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Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy

Product Description

Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy is a great tasting microbiotic supplement, providing 6 scientifically studied strains of cultures for children aged 3-7 years.  More Info

Available to purchase in the UK and Northern Ireland only

Suitable for vegetarians

Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy

Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy

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30 Soft jellies


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Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy Formula

Chewable microbiotic supplement for children aged 3-7

Nutritional Information Average per 2 Jellies % EC NRV*
Microbiotic Cultures, typically providing
5 Billion (5x109) organisms (cells)
  Lactospore Bacillus Coagulans 0.39 Billion
  Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 0.93 Billion
  Lactobacillus Plantarum 0.93 Billion
  Bifidobacterium Lactis 0.93 Billion
  Streptococcus Thermophilus 0.93 Billion
  Lactobacillus Casei 0.93 Billion
Calcium 120mg 15%

*NRV – Nutrient Reference Value µg – microgram, mg – milligram, IU – International Unitsnits.

Wheat Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Calcium Phosphate, Acidity Regulators: Citric Acid & Potassium Citrate, Gelling Agent: Fruit Pectin, Microbiotic Mix (Lactospore Bacillus Coagulans, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Streptococcus Thermophilus, Lactobacillus Casei), Natural Orange Flavouring, Red Carrot Concentrate Juice, Coating: Vegetable Oil (Coconut Oil, Rape Seed Oil) and Glazing Agent (Carnauba Wax)



Do not exceed the recommended intake. Do not give to children under 3 years. Chew before swallowing.

Store below 25°C in a dry place, out of sight and reach of children. Ensure lid is tighly closed.

  • No synthetic colours
  • No preservatives
  • No yeast or lactose
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners
  • Wellkid has not been tested on animals
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Food Supplement

Food supplements must not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. As with other food supplements, consult your doctor or pharmacist before giving to your child if they are under medical supervision, have epilepsy, suffer from food allergies, or are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy FAQ

How and when should Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies be taken?

For children aged 3-7 years. Chew one or two Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies daily. These soft jellies have not been designed to be swallowed whole. Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies should not be given to children under the age of 3. It is important to ensure that your child does not take more than the recommended amount.


How many soft jellies does one bottle of Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy contain?

Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy contains 30 soft jellies.


Does Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy need to be stored in the fridge?

There is no need to refrigerate Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy. Store below 25°C in a dry place, out of sight and reach of children. Ensure lid is tightly closed.


Are there any undesired effects whilst taking Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies?

Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies have no known side-effects when taken as directed. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. In case of overdose, seek medical advice immediately. As with all supplements, seek professional advice before using if your child is under medical supervision or suffers from any food allergies.


Are Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies recommended with any other Vitabiotics products?

Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies can be taken alongside Wellkid Peppa Pig Multi-vits or Wellkid Peppa Pig Vit D and Wellkid Peppa Pig Omega-3.


Are Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies suitable for vegetarians?

Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. All ingredients including the gelling agent, come from a vegetarian/vegan source.


What are the active ingredients?

Please see nutritional information click here


Have Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies been tested on animals?

No. Like all other products in the Vitabiotics range Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies have not been tested on animals.


Do Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies contain artificial sweeteners?

No, Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies do not contain artificial sweeteners. We chose not to use artificial “sugar free” sweeteners because we believe it’s best to use natural sweeteners, colours and flavours in our gummies.

At Vitabiotics, we are always listening to our customers to create effective supplements. One of the key things we have frequently heard is how hard it can be to remember to take a daily supplement, especially when our lives are so busy! One of the best things about Wellkid Peppa Pig Pro-tummy soft jellies is that as kids love the taste, it’s so much easier to encourage them to take them every day. We believe that the nutritional developments of taking a supplement, combined with a balanced and healthy diet, are of greater value compared to any drawbacks of a relatively low amount of sugar given the small size of each gummy.


Wellkid Reviews  

"The Wellkid Peppa Pig vitamins are the first vitamins my five-year-old son has ever willingly taken! Normally, he can't bring himself to chew let alone finish a gummy vitamin but he actively looks forward to taking these. I've had to hide the jar from him as he's so keen! The other day, we came home and he ran straight to the living room to get a vitamin, which he sat sucking while doing his homework - unprompted! They seem to be something of a miracle product."Mrs G G , United Kingdom

"I would like to thank you for your outstanding Wellkid products that I have recently tried over the last occurring months. You see, I cannot have certain foods because of my dietary needs. I will continue buying your products as I enjoy them greatly and prefer them to other brands. Sent with many thanks. "Ms F Wilts , United Kingdom

“Hi, Just a quick email to give a little feedback. My 4 year old son, who is a very fussy eater, uses your soft jelly vitamins and he absolutely loves them. We are currently using the strawberry flavour, he happily eats one a day.  Thank you and we look forward to continuing to use your products in the future.” Mrs S Mummery , United Kingdom

"I had taken Pregnacare when I was pregnant with my son and the doctor who delivered him remarked that he had never seen such an alert baby! When he was old enough, I gave him WellBaby drops and now that he is 4 years old, I give him the WellKid Jelly Pastilles. He absolutely loves the taste and always looks forward to taking his vitamins. My son is bilingual, and is growing up healthy and strong and everyone comments on how fast he picks up things. Thank you very much for worldwide shipping!"Mrs A Y , Japan

"I have been using Vitabiotics for my children for many years and I am very happy with it. First of all, we trust the brand, the children like the tablets as they are chewable and taste great, and unlike many others in the market, they are also suitable for vegetarians. My children take them daily: One of my children is the Italian and British U10 Chess Champion, one is already studying a degree course in Mathematics at the age of 15 (not to mention his other many academic achievements at a very young age) and one is a little prodigy in playing the Piano, therefore is essential I take good care of their diet, especially when travelling to other countries, and I feel they benefit from good vitamins supplements like WellKid."Mrs T Contu , United Kingdom

"I have recently started using WellKid baby drops for my daughter who is currently 8 weeks old and am writing to say how fab they are! The syringe makes it so easy to give to her and she LOVES the orange taste! She is actually getting excited when she sees me get the bottle out to give her and opens her mouth and looks disappointed when it is all gone! I will be continuing to use the wellkid products throughout her childhood! "Mrs S Anderson , United Kingdom

"My son has been taking your products since he was a baby, he has good health and is very advanced, he is bilingual and the tallest and strongest in his class. He is 7 and is size 10 on clothes and size 4 in shoes!!!! A big lad. Thank you."Mrs V C , United Kingdom

"I have been giving WellKid Baby & Infant Liquid to my 23 month old daughter for over two months now and seen a big difference in her. She has become more energetic. I think this product is great and would recommend it to anyone."Mrs JDZS , United Kingdom

"My children actually love the Wellkid Baby & Infant Liquid, they get all excited when I tell them they will get a spoon, so that’s great! "Mrs M V , United Kingdom

"My children have just tried the WellKid Soft Jelly Chewable vitamins and both agree they are the best tasting vitamins I have ever tried to force down them !! Actually they asked if they could have more. That gets my vote. Thanks."Mrs N B , United Kingdom

"Since 6 months old I've been giving my baby Wellkid- Baby & Infant syrup. I'm very pleased with it and am telling all my friends about it"Mrs J W , United Kingdom

"My kids have been taking WellKid Chewable for 3 weeks and have greatly improved. I would highly recommend it to any kids!"Miss L K , United Kingdom

"“My son (aged 10) has been taking fish oil supplements for 4 years now, and although they have improved his concentration they didn’t make change to anything else. While taking WellKid I have noticed benefits in all areas” "Mrs L P , United Kingdom

"“I believe the WellKid vitamins have done Heena (aged 6 ½) good. She has always been reluctant to go to bed, but I do think she has been sleeping better. Although she eats a good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables she was normally quite reluctant to eat very much, but since she started the WellKid she has also gained some weight and looks healthy.” "Ms H , United Kingdom

"Carolyn (aged 10) I have seen a change in how long she can concentrate which is good in any child"Mrs J , United Kingdom

"After 3 months of taking WellKid Chewable, 4 year old Claire found benefits in concentration, memory, energy levels and her immune system. Her mother commented “Great multivitamins. Fantastic- thank you!” "Mrs V , United Kingdom

"Martin is a 4 year old little boy. After 3 months of taking WellKid Chewable, it helped provide him with significant support with his concentration. His mother commented “WellKid has helped him to concentrate at school and his teacher even commented he seems to have grown up overnight!""Mrs L , United Kingdom

"Helen is a 9 year old girl who took WellKid Chewable for 3 months. After the first month she found benefits in energy levels as well as her sleep. Her appetite also improved. This continued during the second month and by the end of the third month her mother had noted significant benefits in appetite, sleep patterns, energy, as well as immune function. She commented that “WellKid is much better than other tablets. The best thing about WellKid is the combination of much needed iron, vitamins and omega-3 in just one tablet! Brilliant, a wonder tablet!! ”"Mrs P , United Kingdom

"Great product for kids, well priced and tastes good. first multi vit that my son actually enjoys taking!"Miss V K , United Kingdom