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Emotional E.Q. Test

So what is Emotional Intelligence or 'E.I.' all about?

Well, contrary to common belief, we all have many different levels of intelligence - academic intelligence and intellectual intelligence are just two of the commonly recognised examples. However, perhaps the most important to us in terms of our general health, wellbeing, and happiness, is emotional intelligence, or 'EI'.

Emotional Intelligence is concerned with the ability of an individual to recognise, understand and rationalise their own emotions as well as the emotions of those around them, and to act in the most appropriate and controlled way, using these emotions.

Wellwoman Emotional Intelligence Test will help you measure your own EI levels. Each question describes a hypothetical situation, which you could face during the course of a typical day in your life. Read through each question carefully, before selecting the option that best reflects what you anticipate would be your reaction in the situation outlined.

Try not to spend too much time agonising over each question - frequently, your first reaction will also be the most accurate. Don't worry if you feel that some of the situations are unrealistic - the test is designed to analyse patterns in the type of responses you give in different situations.

Above all, remember that the test is supposed to be fun - there are no right or wrong answers and the test is in no way aimed at providing an overall judgement of your character or personality. So enjoy! Did you know that women live longer, have a higher pain threshold, withstand cold better and sweat more efficiently than men? On top of that we have a lower centre of gravity and even float really well!

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