Work / life balance profile: Fozia, Muslim Mummy

Next in our instalment of work/ life balance profiles is Fozia, who blogs over at Muslim Mummy. Here's Fozia on how working part-time suited her young family:

Pre-maternity leave, what was your job?
With my current maternity leave I was a welfare benefits adviser with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

And what do you do now?
Unfortunately I was made redundant during my maternity leave in March 2013 due to the Government changing legal aid and therefore my post no longer existed. So at the moment I am a stay at home mum.

What type of childcare do you use?
With my first child, I returned to work because my parents agreed to look after my daughter, provided I did not return full time. I was wary of leaving her with a complete stranger and wouldn't have returned to work if my parents hasn't agreed. (Unless of course I financially had to return to work and had no choice). It made it slightly easier leaving her knowing that she was with family who knew her already and who she was quite happy to be left with.When my parents went abroad for 2 months I did send her to a child minder, she never settled in the two months and she hated it.

What’s the most tricky thing about being a working mum?
Trying to be supermum. Seriously it can be tricky trying to juggle everything. Especially if you work full time as you have to fit in the housework on top of everything else. That's why part time suited me, as I managed to get most things done with minimal stress.

What are the benefits of being a working mum?
The benefits for me is that it allowed me to get a break and to live my life as well as being a mum. I got married and had my daughter soon after graduating so it felt like I hadn't developed much of a career. Some mums may find that selfish but I did not enjoy being home all the time, I wanted to work; to get out and use my non parent skills, to hold an adult conversation and frankly use my brain for more than baby talk. The other benefit which is pretty obvious is the money, I was earning so could pretty much get my daughter whatever I wanted. And going out to work makes you cherish the time you have with your child even more.

And how do you still find time for yourself?
It can be difficult to find time for yourself, as when you are not at work you want to spend the time with the children. The key is to have a good routine, get the kids into bed at a reasonable time so that you can have an hour or so to yourself when they are in bed.

Do you work part time? Let us know if it's the right solution for you.

Fozia is a mum of 2 daughters. She was working as a legal adviser at the Citizens Advice Bureau but is currently a stay at home mum after being made redundant. She blogs at Muslim Mummy about her life in general and all things relating to babies, toddlers and children.

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