What is placenta previa?

What happens when your pregnancy doesn't go completely as planned? This week on TalkMum, we're talking about the more difficult parts of pregnancy. TalkMum blogger Win tells her story of placenta previa during her first pregnancy and shares her concerns about getting pregnant again.

Sometimes I recall the complication I had during my pregnancy and it makes me wonder whether I should have a second baby. I had placenta previa, a condition where the placenta covers the passage way where the baby is supposed to come out from. I still do not know what caused it and even gynaecologists around the world cannot really pinpoint the reason for this condition.

My first trimester was really smooth sailing. I had no morning sickness or weird cravings like a lot of other women. I was a happy pregnant lady. My baby’s growth had been very good during my monthly checkups and everything looked normal.

I was 5 months into my pregnancy when my gynaecologist broke the news to me. He first asked me whether I had experienced spotting or bleeding - I said no. That was when he said, 'That is good news because as you can see from your scan you have placenta previa Stage 2. Your placenta is covering the passage.'

For many women, the placenta moves up as they reach their third trimester, so it was told to wait it out and if I saw any spotting or bleeding in the meantime, then I was to get myself to the emergency room.

Weeks passed and my monthly checkups still showed that my placenta has not moved up. At my 36th week, my gynaecologist told me to rest as much as possible and that I should plan to have a c-section so that I do not endanger myself and the baby. I started hospitalisation leave during that week and was asked to be prepared in case of any emergencies; it was a nerve-wracking 2 weeks! I prayed and hoped that my baby and I will be alright until the scheduled c-section in the 38th week. The time finally came and the operation went well - so my healthy crying baby was born weighing 2.96kg.

The thing that I worry about is whether I should have a second child. I wonder what the possibility of me having another round of placenta previa is - my gynaecologist couldn't seem to answer me, although some say that there is a higher possibility of it happening again.

Win Nee is an investment banker with a 1 year old little girl.

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