What happens if you don’t enjoy being pregnant?

Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2 didn't enjoy being pregnant, and here she explains why that's OK!

Being pregnant is one of life’s great gifts. It could have happened by surprise or it could be a much longed for child. When you look at the positive test you may begin to imagine all the gorgeous clothes you can buy from the pregnancy section of ASOS. You wistfully dream of nights in with your other half, cosy under a blanket whilst he rubs your belly lovingly or…

…like me? You could hate every single minute of being ‘with child’. I was sick. Like proper sick. For months and months. I tried everything humanly possible to stop it. From consuming vast quantities of ginger nuts, to wearing those travel sickness bands , to weeping “WHYYYY MEEEE” continuously. I also suffered from dreadful night time leg cramps and that thing where your mouth tastes like you've sucked a penny.

Anything crap-related with pregnancy I had it. I needed iron tablets. Which does unmentionable things to your poo (and that is of course when you can manage a poo). I was miserable. Oh and psychotic. My hormones went insane and I generally behaved like a lunatic for a good proportion of nine months. The happiest time of my life? Sucked massively.

But that’s OK. We are all different. Sometimes when you are pregnant you need to feel that you should be grateful. And of course you are. You are over the moon that you are about to have a baby but the process of growing it might not be all that great. I had friends that loved every second of it. That genuinely bloomed and still wore thongs till the very end. They adored NCT classes and weren't sick a single day.

And it is quite tempting to hate these women. But? That’s their journey. Yours is just a little bit different. When their little one comes along they may struggle with breast feeding whilst you find it a breeze. Or perhaps your tot will sleep through the night at six months whilst there’s is still waking up twice every evening. Becoming a parent is very subjective. I loved weaning. My mates hated it. I was the Spawn of Satan when pregnant. My friends were like Mother Earth.

So if you are sat at home now, trying to hold back the sick, wondering when you are going to bloom? Chances are you may not. But I promise you this. Your time will come and you will look back on these nine months as a tiny part of becoming the Mother you are now. However? I can promise you will NEVER want to eat another ginger nut again. Vom.

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