Welcome to sleep month!

February is going to be all about sleep... don't drop off, keep reading...

It's something we spend an average of 229,961 hours doing, in our life, and when you're pregnant or a new mum, it seems to dominate our conversations. So this month, on TalkMum, we'll be talking about sleep.

We'll be looking at sleep in pregnancy - why do we struggle to sleep (sooo frustrating when we know that sleep will be hard to come by when the baby comes) and how can we get more?

Surviving those early new baby days on the tiny amount of sleep we get is so hard - we'll be offering tips on getting through each day with a smile. Our TalkMum bloggers will be sharing their thoughts and tips on sleep too, and we'll be talking about toddlers and sleep - those little tykes do like to get up at 5am, don't they?

So stay with us throughout the month for all of this and more! In the mean time, check out this post on co-sleeping with infants and this one on cranial osteopathy and whether it can help babies sleep.

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