Weaning products you won't be able to live without

1. Vital Baby Food Pots, John Lewis, £3.95

If you're going down the traditional weaning path (purees rather than baby led) then these pots are invaluable. Just the right size for a portion of puree, you can make a large amount and divide them up into pots, ready to freeze. That way, you never get caught out by not having some baby food to hand, when you've been busy. Even if you're doing BLW (that's baby led weaning to you and us) these pots are handy to pop chunks of veg, cheese or chicken for your baby to eat from.

2. My first spoons, Mothercare, £1.99

Shallow plastic spoons are great for weaning - you might be using them yourself to spoon food into your baby's mouth or you might give the spoon to your little one to experiment with (they won't get spoon control until much later so be prepared for a mess!)

3. Beaba Baby Babycook Solo Steamer & Blender, Boots, £109.99

A great way to cook food for your baby is steaming - it means more of the food's nutrients are retained. This brilliant gadget steams and blends, and it's won all sorts of awards from top parenting mags.

4. MAM Bibetta bib, Boots, £4.50

Bibs are a must, you don't need us to tell you that. But when there are cloth bibs, plastic bibs, cover-all bibs and more available, it's probably a bit of trial and error to find the ones that work for you. We love these neoprene bibs that catch falling food, as your baby eats.

5. Antilop high chair, IKEA, £13

This is a bit of an open secret in the mum world - many parents shell out a small fortune on a high chair and then realise they should have bought this £13 one from Ikea. You've probably seen them in many a cafe and restaurant, and if you pay a few pounds more, you can get a clip on tray table too. Easy to clean, small enough to tuck in a corner, and it doesn't look too garish, either!

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