We recap all our posts from Midwife Month

If you're pregnant or trying for a baby, make sure you read our recap of all the posts from Midwife Month

For the past few weeks we've been looking at midwives, advice for pregnancy and the type of care and attention you can expect to recieve when you're pregnant.

So here's a quick recap of everything we've written about:

What's life like as an NHS midwife, Insta-sensation and mum of four? We interviewed Clemmie Hooper about her new pregnancy book, how she recorded her own pregnancies and her essential advice for mums-to-be.

If you're interested in becoming a midwife, we also spoke to the RCM Awards Pregnacare Student Midwife of the Year award winner Gemma, about her training so far and what she loves about the role.

If you're thinking about having a baby, or already pregnant, and are not a meat eater, here is how to have a vegetarian pregnancy.

We also asked our midwife for advice on pregnancy and birth, including:

We also looked at doulas, what they can do and how they can help you during pregnancy and in childbirth.

And if you love reading birth stories, we put together a birth story round-up.

And finally, we also wrote about 20 must-read child safety resources, and posted nine brilliant blog posts, links and articles of interest in our latest Night Feed Nine - make sure you bookmark these for the night feed

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