Waving goodbye to Summer Holiday Month

We're sad to say that summer is nearly over, so we're saying au revoir to Summer Holiday month on TalkMum

How was your summer? Go anywhere nice? Did you have an awesome August? We'd love to hear what you got up to and if you took any inspiration from our free holiday fun ideas.

This month we looked at everything from tips for taking your family to a festival to ideas to spark creative play in children.

With the hot weather finally upon us, we had ideas on how to keep your family cool in a heatwave and rounded-up out favourite home made ice lolly recipes.

And finally, we looked at a reallysimple tip for toddlers in hot weather (with a colourful sippy cup round-up).

If you're breastfeeding, make sure you check out our summer heat themed Night Feed Nine with lots of articles and brilliant blog posts to keep to awake and busy during all the feed downtimes.

We'll be back shortly with Time for School month!


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