Top pregnancy app round-up

What are the best pregnancy apps currently available, and which ones will see through the whole nine months - from bump to baby?

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! Most pregnant women have a definite craving for information when they're expecting, and this is where apps are great. They will keep you up to date with your pregnancy on a daily basis, allow you to find out exactly what's going on, record symptoms and even collect bump shots - all from the privacy of your own mobile handset.

Here's a round-up of our favourite pregnancy tracking and information apps:


Pregnancy + (free version is available, or full version for £1.99)

A relative newcomer to the pregnancy app market, the full version of the Pregnancy+ app is one of the most useful, comprehensive and impressive we've seen. There are daily and weekly updates with photos, text, scans, animation and links through to further updates on a blog. In the 'baby' section there's a fun size guide of your baby compared to fruit, as well as a kick counter and a contraction timer. In the 'me' section, you can keep track of weight, bumps shots, a pregnancy 'to-do list and even write your birth plan. The makers of the app really have thought of everything, and there are so many different features that really make it stand out - one of the most useful is the lists of 500 popular baby names in each counter, with an option for you to save your favourites in a list. We'd definitely recommend it.

My pregnancy by Bounty (free)

Described as the 'ultimate pregnancy diary' , the app has a comprehensive 'My Journal' section that allows you to record baby movements, weight, energy levels and bump shots throughout your pregnancy. There's also useful contraction timer and links to the Bounty Communities online.

Sprout(free version is available, or full version for £2.49)

The Sprout app gives you a week-by-week update of the growth of your baby, using beautiful images, 3D animation and, more unusually for an app, heartbeat sounds. There's also advice from a Doctor, as well as a timeline of all the important stages (even though it's a UK version of a US app, some of the medical advice and notes on the timeline don't really apply). There's also a weight tracker, hospital bag check-list, pregnancy kick-counter as well as a contraction timer.

What to Expect - pregnancy and baby (free)

The app of the popular ‘What to Expect when you’re Expecting’ series of books has daily and weekly updates, along with graphics and video. There's a photo journal, and you can also link to the WTE online communities. Although I loved the daily updates I found this very American (and found the constant references to the gym quite alienating to this non-gym goer!)

My pregnancy today - BabyCentre (free)

The app version of the popular parenting website, this has daily and weekly updates, with links to plenty of articles on the main BabyCentre site - enough to quench the appetite of even the most information-hungry mum-to-be. There's also weekly updates on the size of your baby with fruit for comparison (did you know at nine weeks it will be the size of a grape?)

If you’re not yet pregnant, make sure you check out our list of fertility tracking and conception apps.


Gillian blogs over at A Baby on Board about London life as a new mum, covering everything from baby clothes to breastfeeding. She lives with her two-year-old daughter Eliza and husband Alex in south London.
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