The truth about parenting and lack of sleep...

Did you know that sleep deprivation has been used as a form of torture, and apparently your brain doesn't function properly if you don't get seven hours a night? Try telling that to a parent!


Having a new baby often goes hand in hand with little or no sleep, leaving you pretty exhausted. Which can lead to some interesting results.

So we asked some of our favourite mums to tell us - what's the most silly, funny or ridiculous thing you've done due to lack of sleep?

While being tired I have done plenty of silly things including almost washing my face with toothpaste, putting milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge. I've also been looking for my mobile while actually talking to my friend on it. And I gave everyone a giggle when I went out with odd shoes on; thankfully it was just to my parents. Fozia, Muslim Mummy

I tried to put the kettle in the fridge after pouring hot water on my tea! I also picked up squeaky toy and tried to put it in the phone dock thinking it was the phone that needed charging. Mummy's To Do List

I've spent a good five minutes trying to open my front door with my car central locking button...Kimberlee, The Homemade Mama

Shreddies in dog bowl, Iams Senior kibble in cereal bowl. Add milk. Then realise. Eleanor

I left my handbag on my front doorstep then waltzed off to baby clinic. Luckily it was still there when I got back...Laura, The Writer

In the first weeks, I repeatedly forgot what Samuel's name was and kept calling him Daniel. I don't know anyone called Daniel, it wasn't one of our potential baby names and, to be honest, I don't even like that name! Also, I recently found some sausage rolls in the kitchen drawer where we keep the hammer and screwdrivers. I'd carefully wrapped them in foil and put them in there when I was delirious with tiredness. The smell was not good. Chloe, Knittenden

I put the milk in the washing machine...And washed it. what a mess! Jenny, KyNa Boutique and Confessions of a Mumpreneur

I lost my phone. Found it in the fridge. Don't think there was good reception in there! Maddy, Me Him and Two More

I wore odd shoes to work, didn't notice til midday! Different heel lengths as well. Same colour at least! Rachel, L Plate Mummy

Once after a shower I genuinely couldn’t remember the finger my wedding rings went on and spent a long time looking at my hands in confusion. I've left the keys on the outside of the front door (luckily we live in a top floor flat). And one night I woke up in a panic, rummaging through our pillows shouting ‘where’s the baby gone?’ My confused - and sleepy - husband pointed out that she was in her cot, next to our bed, snoring loudly. Oh dear. Gill, A Baby on Board

Image: Big yawn, from twob via Flickr Creative Commons

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