The Secret Pregnancy Diaries Part 2

Our secret blogger is back with another update on her pregnancy. This week, she's talking about having to cope with morning sickness...

It is a cruel irony, that despite morning sickness being so titled, it should really be known by a more appropriate moniker. I've actually got off reasonably lightly this time round (As I mentioned in my last entry this is my second pregnancy) but I've still basically felt hungover for the past 2 months - that terribly tired, nauseous, vaguely soothed by buttered carbs and lucozade feeling - but without any of the pleasures of consumption. Particularly irritating to wake up feeling so dreadful when you've consumed only soda water all evening and been in bed at the unsociable hour of 10pm. "Big night, was it" inquired a colleague sympathetically one morning as I tried to force down a bacon sandwich.

I've found a combination of eating small portions of what I feel like, when I feel like, has helped, as has carrying plain biscuits in my bag. I've also finally trained up my husband to bring me tea in bed in the morning, which even if doesn't actually physically help, psychologically makes me feel better. I've also accepted that what I've saved in lack of after work drinks, I've spent on takeaway - don't ever underestimate the need for food, right now, and how much the takeaway app can assist. I've ordered all manner of food from the bus, ready to be delivered within 5 minutes of my arrival home. It still hasn't shifted the all day nausea and all consuming tiredness, nor helped my brain work any better or faster, but at least I've managed to keep eating.

I'm now within sight of the end of the secret period - I've got my 12 week scan coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I've had my booking appointment with the midwife (who, incidentally asked me if I was remembering to take my pregnacare!). I've also had to go maternity clothes shopping - there seems to be a few more options than there were last time, mainly for jeans, but still, a dearth of good quality but affordable, ordinary clothing. It's great that trend led items are more available, but I can't wear dungarees to work, but nor do I need to wear a suit...

Next time - how to break the news at work and how to respond to those people who have clearly guessed.

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