The mother of all Night Feed Nines

Looking for some good reads for the night feed?

The Night Feed Nine is our regular round-up of all the fun, funny and interesting things you might have missed from in the news and around the internet.

We know it's easy to miss things when you have small children, and that you often spend a lot of time feeding, so we've condensed nine of our favourite things into one post that's a perfect read for during night feeds (or day feeds...or naptime!)

With Mother's Day this Sunday 6th, March on TalkMum is all about motherhood. So this time round the Night Feed Nine is all about mothers - what else? - so sit down, grab a baby and get comfortable.


Who celebrated World Book Day this week? In what must be familiar to most mums - and dads - of a certain stage, here's 22 thoughts all parents have about World Book Day.

We love this post from TalkMum blogger Rachel - anyone who says their two-year-old wasn't a tiny insane tyrant is lying.

And on a similar for the adults only (swearing alert!) but mega-actress and mum of three Jennifer Garner reading 'Go the **** to sleep' will bring a wry smile to the face of anyone who's ever struggled valiantly through a toddler bedtime.

If you're a soon-to-be mum and not quite ready to tell yet, read our post on six ways to keep your early pregnancy a secret

Enough with the post-pregnancy body shaming - author and vlogger Giovanna Fletcher (married to Tom from McFly) posted about how she was publicly shamed by someone for still having a bump, despite only giving birth to her second child eleven days ago. Giovanna, who responded with her thoughts, has been overwhelmed with the outpouring of positive support.

Can your mobile make you a better mum? I'm asking this over on my blog after a restuarnt declarted a 'no phone zone' as a special treat for Mother's Day.

Meryl Street re-imagined as food in a new Instagram account is every bit as weird and wonderful as you might imagine.

Some great articles - Salli Hughes is astonishingly powerful in The Pool on PND (post-natal depression) and Molly from Mother's Always Right on how we should stop telling ourselves to 'be kind'.

And finally, one for the dads and mums - have you heard about the #DadsForChange campaign?

Let us know if anything's caught your eye! And make sure you catch up with our love-themed Night Feed Nine and our List Month round-up, and enter our new competition.

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