The most challenging thing about toddlers

Toddlers are brilliant, but can also be tricky at times. So what are the most challenging things about being the mum of a toddler?

From tantrums to buggy refusing, endless requests for 'more' and questions about 'why?', toddlers can sometimes be difficult to negotiate. So going from the best things about toddlers, what are some of the more challenging?

When they are babies we make all the big decisions, so when they become toddlers and have their own minds it can become difficult not to let life turn into a battle of wills. We want the best for them and we want them to think independently but when we need to get somewhere by a certain time then having a stubborn toddler can be hard work. Claire, Diary of the Evans-Crittens

As their personalities develop so does the tendency for tantrums and stubbornness. When you're holding your newborn in your arms, it's quite hard to imagine that in two year's time (actually, less) you may have to leave a supermarket/playgroup/any venue carrying a kicking and screaming toddler out sideways as they have an uncontrollable tantrum or that you'll be involved in a 20 minute showdown about putting on a coat or getting in the buggy. Fran, The Parent Social

Toddlers, and your parents. It's not you, it's me. What I mean by that is that the hardest thing about being a parent to a toddler is finding coping strategies to deal with how I feel about the mad, sad and downright bad behaviour of other toddler folk and their handlers. I have no clue how to keep calm when my kid returns to me crying after someone else's has drawn blood. I struggle to keep a straight face when I overhear some well-meant but really indulgent parent-of-a-clear-genius monologues. I fail hard when trying to cheerily entertain more than one expectant, raisin smeared face at a time. It's me, not them - and that can be the hardest thing! Eleanor, The Bristol Parent

I find toddler sleep quite tricky to negotiate. After weeks of bedtimes that stretched on later and later into the evening, we realised it was finally time to ditch the daytime nap. It's worked out well, but I really miss having those hours in the middle of the day to myself. Parenting a toddler is fun but can be relentless, and sometimes I really want some calm! Gill, A Baby on Board

And finally, we think this comment sums it up perfectly:

The biggest challenge? The constant emotional roller coaster. But it's not easy being a toddler. Chloe, Knittenden

What was your most challenging toddler moment? Remember to read all the posts from toddler month for tips and advice on everything from dealing with tantrums to baking and keeping them entertained during wet weather.

Image: Bart Everson (own work) via Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0

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