The Importance Of Being You

Blogger Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2 is all about the me-time, but she doesn't mean 'putting the laundry away' kind of me-time...

There is no way around it. When you have a baby. Your whole life changes. For those first few months your day is revolved around this teeny tiny beautiful thing. Nights are spent restless. Days are spent cuddling, washing baby gros, napping and feeding. It's exhausting and glorious at the same time. You are in a baby bubble and right where you want to be. But then one day? You start to notice. You're...well a little bit bored.

You may feel like you are a stuck in a rut. Fed up of shoving dry shampoo in your hair rather than washing it. Sick of spending evenings in trying to catch up on sleep before the inevitable dream feed crops up. You miss your friends and want to know what it feels like to be 'you' again. And you know what? This feeling? It's perfectly normal and healthy. You are entitled to be you. Sure you're a 'you' now with a baby. But this does not mean that you have to put your whole life on hold. Forever.

Something that is banded around a lot with new Mothers is 'Me Time'. That we want to have 'Me Time'. And it sounds so cheesy and such a cliché but it is something that we as parents begin to rely on. It may start out as something simple like a nice bath whilst your other half keeps an eye on the baby for an hour. Or a walk down to the local high street without a buggy and a huge Mum bag. But be clear. 'Me Time' is not attending a smear test alone, or quickly putting the washing away. It is not making the dinner or cleaning the bathroom. These are just non baby (but much needed) day to day activities.

Me Time should be just that. It should be a guilt-free way of doing something you love. It doesn't mean that you love watching Made In Chelsea in bed with a Kit Kat Chunky more that you love your baby. It just means that you want a bit of time to yourself, to regroup, to relax. And believe you me (take it from somebody that has made this mistake before) having time to be 'you' makes you a better mum.

And then eventually you may want to pop to the cinema with friends, or (gasp!) leave someone else in charge whilst you and your other half go out for a much needed meal. The first few times, I will be honest, this is such a heady experience. You are torn between excitement about being able to drink a guilt-free wine, worry over what is happening out of your control and then the inevitable chatting about all the amazing things your little one can do.

So the next time you have a spare hour, there's washing up in the sink, 12 little vests hanging off the radiator needing to be put away. Get yourself snuggled up on the couch, with a mug of hot tea (yes it can be drank hot as well as luke warm), a bar of your favourite chocolate and catch up with what Spencer and co are doing. Household chores can wait.

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