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Kid Playing With Space Rocket


Are your children fascinated by space? Read our round-up of the best space activities for kids

With the news about everyone's favourite astronaut Tim Peake's CBeebies bedtime story, we're taking a look at the best space-themed activities for you to do with young children.

So here's our round-up of space-themed activities, with everything from crafting to singing.


Space Crafts

What could be better than space-themed crafts (with as much glitter and tin foil as possible?) Take a look at our space-activities Pinterest board for inspiration for everything from painting, glueing and even moon snacks - they're out of this world!


Go And Visit A Space Centre Or Planetarium

The UK's National Space Centre is in Leicester, with the UK's largest planetarium, a rocket tower and interactive galleries. The Science Museum in London also offers a variety of space-themed exhibits and artefacts on show. You can also find your nearest planetarium here.


Go Star Gazing

If you can't make it along to a museum, what could be simpler - or cheaper - than going outside in your garden to look at the night sky? Wrap-up warm, lie on a picnic rug spot satellites and talk about what you can see.


Space-Themed Games And TV Programmes

From Button Moon to the Clangers, space has always been a popular subject for children's TV. Watch out for Stargazing on CBeebies, a show which explores space with the help of games, songs and the usual TV presenters. And for those moments of quiet time with the iPad, the CBeebies website has a dazzling array of space games and puzzles here.


Sing Some Space Songs:

'Zoom Zoom Zoom, we're going to the moon' (sang with you on your back and your child balancing on your knees) is always a huge hit. Can you think of any more?


What are your favourite space-themed things to do with your children?

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