The best products for feeding and weaning

This month on TalkMum we're talking about everything related to feeding and weaning. So what are the essential items that you need to buy, and what's the best high chair on the market?

Here's product review guru Marissa from Little Rascal Reviews with her top three must-have products:

IKEA Antilop High Chair (5/5 Stars) - This is without a doubt one of the best highchairs you can own...honestly! Cheap, simple, practical, sturdy, modern...etc etc. The only possible improvement has been suggested by Mrs Talkmum heself who'd like a glittery special edition! Read our full review here.

Boon Counter Top Grass Drying Rack (4/5 Stars) - This quirky & practical drying rack makes a great gift or addition to any funky kitchen. Use it for drying and storing bottles and small feeding/weaning paraphernalia that would otherwise slip through your standard dish drying rack. It also has unexpected benefit of being able to hold upturned wine glasses without fear of them toppling over! Read the full review here

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Microwave Steam Steriliser (5/5 Stars) - We're in the process of reviewing this fantastic product. Our baby is a week old and we're already reliant on it! We're combination feeding so the fact this only holds 4 bottles is ideal for us. Just pour in 200ml of tap water, bung it into the microwave and you're good to go in 6 minutes. Read the full review here

What were your essential products for feeding and weaning? Let us know!

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Having quit the City to spend days knee-deep in nappies & Weetabix, Marissa is mum to R (now 2) & has just given birth to baby No 2 in April 2013.

Living in Surrey, she blogs at Little Rascal Reviews on products, life & toddlers!

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