The best free things to do this Christmas

Looking for the best free things to do this Christmas? We round up our festive favourites

While Christmas can be a magical time, it can also be expensive. To help everyone get into the festive spirit this year, we’ve rounded up our favourite free - or very cheap - things to do this Christmas.

Have a festive film afternoon: Everyone loves a good Christmas film, our favourite is Home Alone, what about you? Grab some Christmas snacks and snuggle down on the sofa.

Go on a Christmas light safari: Walk or scoot around your neighbourhood to find the best Christmas lights and front garden decorations.

Track Santa on Christmas Eve: For maximum excitement, you can track Santa via the NORAD Santa tracker here, which is a live map showing Santa’s progress around the world as well as the number of presents he’s delivered. Google Maps also offers a similar Santa tracking service. Both of these sites don’t start tracking till Christmas Eve - of course - but have games, quizzes and lots of Christmassy content to tide everyone over until then if you want to look ahead of time.

Take a bus around the local lights: If you live in or near a big town or city, it’s likely that they will have lots of Christmas lights. Why not let your children stay up late and take a special bus trip to view them from the top deck? (OK, so this one isn’t strictly free, but a bus fare won’t cost much).

Make a festive den: Everyone loves making a den, but add a festive feel by helping your children decorate with fairy lights and hang baubles by the den entrance.

Receive a video message from Santa: Portable North Pole offers a selection of free videos for you to record from the big man himself. You’ll need to upload photos and a couple of details, but this is a free activity that’s sure to delight all believers.

Give to charity with a reverse advent calendar: It might be mid-way through December, but it’s not too late to start a reverse advent calendar is where you donate items instead of receiving them, by having an advent box you place supplies like food items or toys into, and then give it to a food bank or charity at the end. Read more about it in our post on alternative advent calendars.

Have a pre-Christmas clear out: You can also donate to charity shops by having a Christmas clear-out of toys and games, ahead of the day, which will free up lots of space as well as benefiting others.

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