The best books to read on starting school (and nursery!)

What are the best books to read on starting school and nursery? We're rounding up our favourite Starting school and nursery can be an emotional time for children (and parents). But books are an excellent way to prepare your child as they can introduce the idea and environment through words and pictures and allow them to familiarise themselves. They also act as a prompt to ask any questions they might have. So here's our favourite of the best books to read on starting school (and nursery!) Topsy and Tim: As with every issue or emotion affecting pre-school children, there's a Topsy and Tim book about it. Topsy and Tim start School sees the twins have their first day at their local primary school and allows children to see what it will be like when they start (More info here). There's also a Topsy and Tim Start School sticker book if your children like getting creative. The TV series of Topsy and Tim also includes several episodes on starting school, from the teacher visit through to the - very emotional! - first day episode. Currently available on iPlayer. Charlie and Lola, I am too absolutely small for school - Lauren Child: A book for siblings, Charlie and Lola see the world as completely child-focused, as older brother Charlie makes sense of everything for his little sister Lola. This book sees them talking all about the emotions of starting school, as Charlie insists to Lola that it's not a scary place. Spoiler alert; she ends up loving it. Starting School - Janet and Allan Ahlberg: The Baby's Catalogue is one of *the* iconic children's picture books, and Starting School is along the same wonderful lines. There are large, colourful pictures and simple text all about starting school. More here. Peppa Pig: George's First Day at Playgroup: This book is definitely one for the younger children, showing dinosaur-loving George Pig's first day at playgroup. Great for Peppa Pig fans or anyone with a younger - or older - sibling! Time for School, CBeebies: OK, so clearly not a book - but Time for School is a mini-series on the children's channel exploring what starting school is like for reception-aged children. It follows several different classes in a variety of different schools (in the city, the country and a tiny school on an island) and shows the different things the classes get up to, from painting to PE. Which are your favourite family books about starting school and nursery? Make sure you also read Rachel's post on things you don't need to worry about, tips on starting nursery and Foz's advice on picking a secondary school.

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