The best beauty products for expectant mums

It would appear that once you get pregnant, the world of beauty gets a whole lot more complicated! So out of all those lotions and potions, which beauty products are best for expectant mums? TalkMum blogger Cath shares her top picks with us...

I am a real beauty junkie. I can’t resist trying new products and consequently my bathroom is groaning with the sheer volume of hair products, make up and toiletries.

When I was pregnant I discovered a whole new world of products aimed at mums-to-be. If you want to try and prevent stretch marks there is such a huge choice available, varying in price from a few pounds to much more expensive cream and lotions.

As well as the stretch mark products there are also cooling leg gels, and a whole host of gift sets that are all nicely presented in gift boxes and baskets. They are a great present for an expectant mum and I would have loved to have received any of them when I was pregnant!

So which beauty products should you be packing in your hospital bag? I would recommend the following:

  • After trying lots of different products my favourites were the Mama Bee range from Burts Bees. The Mama Bee belly butter was lovely and kept my tummy super soft. I don’t have any stretch marks which is probably due to a combination of keeping my tummy moisturised with the belly butter and a bit of good luck too!
  • Another range I discovered when I was pregnant was Weleda. Their products are natural and smell divine. The foot balm is fantastic at refreshing tired and aching feet and is a product I still use now.
  • Lip balm – I found my lips became very dry during labour and lip balm kept my lips moisturised.
  • Facial wipes – great for refreshing your face during labour.
  • Tinted moisturiser – less messy than foundation and it gives you a bit of colour for those first photos with your new baby.

What beauty products would you recommend for expectant mums?

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