Ten newborn baby products that are worth it… and five that aren’t

What do you really need for your baby? As soon as you start shopping you'll realise there are thousands of things you can buy; the list can seem endless. But what's worth splashing out on, and what's a waste of money? Here TalkMum Rachel, who blogs over at The Little Pip, shares her newborn essentials, along with some items that you shouldn't bother buying;

An absolute must is muslin cloths. Quite a few small ones. One or two larger ones, for swaddling, or covering or as a shade. My favourite were by Aden & Anais.

If you are breastfeeding, Lanisoh nipple cream and breast pads, multiple breast feeding vests/bras and some kind of breastfeeding support cushion. I used my dreamgenii one, but you can get specific breastfeeding ones too.

I also found an app on my phone to record feeds was really helpful. I used the baby tracker app by What to Expect but there are loads.

I found Weleda calendula bath lotion to be very soothing, especially in the couple of weeks immediately after the birth.

A sling (as well as a pushchair and car seat). We had a Baby Bjorn in the first few months before upgrading to an Ergo at 6 months once the baby was quite heavy and I needed hip support to carry her, but others love their wrap slings.

I also found a room thermometer enormously helpful and reassuring (we only needed a baby monitor once the baby no longer slept in our room) and it helped massively with working out how many layers she needed at night (we didn't have one with a nightlight attached, we had both separately but you can get ones that are both).

A water bottle to have on hand at all times (it's amazing how thirsty I was those first few weeks) - mine was a Bobble bottle, and I even made sure to get a holder for my pram so I had easy access to it.

And lastly, maybe not for when the baby is a few weeks old, but we loved the bouncer that we were given by a friend.

...and five things that aren't worth bothering with:

Mitts (choose sleepsuits with turn-down hand covers)

Sleepsuits without feet (great for when they are older, but to start with socks won't stay on)

Fleece blankets (not suitable for newborns)

Bottle warmers (easier to use a mug of hot water)

And a breast feeding cover up (I never bothered with a cover after the first attempt, but either a large muslin or a shawl you already own will work just fine.)

What were your essential newborn essentials? Which products could you not live without, and what do you wish you hadn't bothered buying? Leave a comment and let us know.

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