Ten ideas for a happy and healthy half term

Looking for some activity inspiration this half term? Here's ten happy and healthy activity, craft and baking ideas for the whole family

Is it half term where you are? If so, mid-way through the week you might be looking for new ideas, tips and inspiration for fun - and different - activities to do with your little ones.

Here's ten ideas to get you all out and about this week, or keep you busy inside if it's raining and too cold to leave the house this school holiday:

Visit a National Trust house, do some outdoor chalk painting or get in the sand pit - read Fran's ideas for outdoor and indoor play with young children, both in the garden and beyond (although these tips are designed for summer, they'd work just as well in winter - remember the hats and mittens!)

And on that note, if you're heading out, make sure you read Eleanor's winter playground survival kit - a thermos is a must, and remember the 'magic towel'

If a trip out to the park on the scooter is in order, make sure it's safe with our essential scooter MOT

Kids activities can be expensive, can't they? Especially if there's lots of you (and there's often also a sneaky holiday premium). But fear not, here's some great ideas for fun free things to do with children (none of these will cost you a penny)

If it's too cold and rainy to go outside, why not stay inside and cosy up in a pillow and blanket fort?

Or curl up with a good book - here's some ideas in our top classic children's books we love

Have a carpet picnic, do some drawing, or put a good film on (read the rest of our rainy day ideas for toddlers)

What about baking? Little children love getting their hands messy in the kitchen. Here's our guide to stress-free baking with children

If everyone's stuck inside and going a little stir crazy, make sure you take note of some of these tips for mood-boosting family fun from Rachel

And finally, if there's a mix of ages in your family, here's ten activities toddlers will love and five brilliant sensory ideas for babies that the whole family can get involved in (the simplest tips are always the best; everyone of all ages loves blowing and catching bubbles)

Have fun! If you have any good tips then leave a comment and let us know. If half term is taking a toll, read our health tips for tired mums and dads.

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