Summer time parenting life hacks!

Blogger Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2 shares some of the parenting life hacks and tips to make things easier when it's warm and the kids are in the garden lots....

Summer time is amazing for a range of reasons. Washing can be hung out and you can watch it dry satisfyingly on the line whilst you dip your feet in the children's paddling pool. It is almost the law to have at least one Pimm's a day and if you've not got a Cornetto in your hand? You're a fool!

But over the past four years of raising two small children, I have also found it to be amazing for getting you through the 'messy stages'. The stages that make you shudder as you clean spaghetti off the ceiling of your kitchen, mop up another spilt drink in the living room and the less said about poo on the couch the better.

Warmer weather is ideal for weaning. Especially if you are going down the route of 'baby led' aka consuming one mouthful and ramming the rest up your nose and down the nearest wall. When my two were little there was nothing greater in life than trying out the messiest of foods in the great outdoors. I used to relish the fact that I didn't have to clean my kitchen floor every three minutes. It was also time to try food I wouldn't allow to be smushed into my couch.

As they got a bit bigger I also found lazy days playing in the garden were perfect for getting them to drink out of a cup. My son especially enjoyed the 'pick up cup and tip all over his own head' trick. But on your lawn? This doesn't matter! They can spill pop, throw squash and chuck a cup across the lawn. It makes no odds. Plastic cups are super cheap from Ikea and perfect to help your little ones make the transition from sippy to big boy cup. And they don't break. Even when you smash them really hard up your Mum and Dad's fence.

Another great parenting life hack; I tried to potty train my daughter when she had just turned two. It was in the depths of winter, we were stuck in whilst it snowed outdoors and there was a small trail of wee and poo. In every god damn room. This went on for months. But one day? I went to a friends house and we let all of our little ones run free. Naked. And it rocked! Within a few hours. She was using one of the three pottys that were dotted around. And loving life! I tried it against recently with my boy during the heatwave and he managed two poos in the potty! Happy days.

So next time you are trying to catch a few rays, feeling a bit guilty as you really should be being all educational with your child? Look at them running around happy as larry covered in spag bol, tipping water over their head and aiming to do a wee in the potty but missing a bit. Feel smug that you are not only teaching them important life lessons. But ones you don't have to clean up. Winning!

What are your top parenting life hacks for summer? Now read How to keep your baby safe in a heatwave and Tips on potty training.

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