Nine fitness hacks for new mums

Just had a baby and want to get back into shape again, but struggling to find the time? Here are nine quick fitness hacks for new mums

If you've just had a baby, you might be thinking about starting to exercise again (or you might not! It's completely up to you). It's food and fitness fortnight on TalkMum, and we know that when you have a very small child it is often difficult to find the time to do anything, let alone go to the gym.

Our biggest tip is to not worry about anything until you're ready. Remember you've just spent an entire pregnancy growing a baby then giving birth, which puts your body under many stresses and changes. Take it slow and steady and be proud of yourself and what you've done. If you're worried about losing weight, don't feel under any pressure from anyone else. If you've had a c-section or are not sure about what you can do, always ask your midwife or doctor for advice first.

But if you do want to start taking some simple fitness steps, here are ten quick and easy fitness hacks for new mums, with sneaky ways of fitting health and exercise into your new mum life:

  1. Get out of the house: It sounds simple, but getting out of the house at least once a day for a walk is good for everyone and a great mood-booster. It'll clear your head and fresh air often helps babies sleep better. Even walking to the shop or taking the baby round the block counts.
  2. Drink water when your children do: It's easy to forget to look after yourself when you are low on the list of priorities, but drinking water and staying hydrated can help with everything from headaches to making you feel awake. It's especially important to drink enough when you're breastfeeding. Make sure you have at least one glass of water whenever your children do and keep a bottle with you for when you are feeding
  3. Limit your treats: Don't be tempted to reach for the sugary snacks when you're tired. We know, easier said than done. Stock up on easy-to-eat healthy snacks that you can eat one-handed, like nuts and dried fruit instead. But don't deprive yourself completely, stick to one treat a day
  4. Get off the bus: Walk one more stop to home. Or better still, ditch the bus and walk instead - then you don't have to worry about getting the pram on and off
  5. Find a gym with childcare - They do exist! Lots of gym chains offer a creche where they will look after the baby for a short time while you work out or take a class
  6. Get buggyfit: Check out your local park for a buggy fit class, where people work out with their prams (we think this is also a good way of meeting other mums)
  7. Work out at home - for free: You don't need to pay to go to a gym. There are hundreds of fitness apps and YouTube videos you can use to work out online (we'll be rounding up our favourites soon). Put the baby in a bouncy chair or do it while they nap
  8. Find a green gym: This why, you can combine a trip to the park with a workout
  9. Work out in a group: It's easier to motivate yourself if you are in a group. Arrange to go on a buggy run or a brisk stroll around the park with you new mum friends. Hopefully, this should be fun.

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