Night Feed Nine: spring into summer

As spring turns to summer, welcome to our latest Night Feed Nine

Up at all hours on the night feed? The TalkMum Night Feed Nine is designed to keep you awake and occupied in the small hours.

We know that when you have a new baby there's a lot of feeding time, and you spend most of it sat down on the sofa or in bed, propped up by cushions with a baby balanced on you.

So the Night Feed Nine is a round-up of our favourite things we've read recently online for when you're trying to keep awake and it seems like you've already read most things on the internet.

So grab a drink and a snack, settle down with your baby and get comfortable. Here's our latest round-up of the best blogs, posts and articles we've read recently that you might have missed:

Off on holiday soon? Here's some facts you might not know about suncream and a round-up of the best beach reads (and here's how to win at camping if you're taking a tent)

If you're worried about the state of your summer wardrobe post-children, read the always hilarious Hurrah for Gin on dressing like a mum.

What does it feel like to give birth when you're in prison?

Did you crave this in pregnancy? Here's why it might improve your baby's memory and development with every portion you eat.

The top trends for summer '16, from frozen cocktails to the latest 'it' nail.

If you've ever undertaken some major work on your house, then you'll recognise everything in Eeh Bah Mum's things they don't tell you about rennovating a house (and if you've not read it, then here's her post on things they don't tell you about your child starting school)

If you're off on holiday via car, make sure you keep everyone busy and occupied with these car games for kids by Fran from The Parent Social.

Rachel from Make a Long Story Short has written a brilliant post on the importance of learning to like yourself. Really important to remember as we come into bikini weather.

And truth and lies in Topsy and Tim...

If you've read (or written) anything brilliant recently, drop us a line and let us know. Make sure you also enter our competition to win a brand new stylish change bag from the warmer weather from Summer Infant.

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