Night Feed Nine #2: love, love, love

Welcome to our new Night Feed Night round-up...and this week we're really feeling the love

Looking for some feed reads? The Night Feed Nine is our round-up of our favourite nine links, blog posts and videos to read during night feeds (or day feeds, or naps).

It's a collection of the best things you might not have seen while you're busy with the baby, and is designed to keep you awake and entertained when you might be drifting off or just fancy some down time.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, everything this week is themed around love (or just things we love full stop):

The true beauty of childbirth - images from the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers annual photography competition.

Is this the best music video ever? Filmed in zero gravity, Upside Down & Inside Out from OK Go really has to be seen to be believed, but looks like the most fun ever (more detail here if you're too tired to get your head round how it all works)

41 heart-shaped hacks - from morning toast to hair tutorials. Let us know if you try any!

Make sure you watch Charlotte's latest breastfeeding video, and read her post on breastfeeding tips (as well as our list of top vlogging mums and dads).

Ten heart-shaped crafting ideas over on Let's Do Something Crafty with lots of ideas to help you celebrate with your children. We also love this idea for any last-minute Valentine's Cards (not that anyone will have forgotten...).

Celebrities on how they celebrate Valentine's Day.

Will you be turning left or right for a kiss? A new fascinating study shows that which cheek you go in for differs depending on if it's a kiss between romantic partners or people you have a more platonic relationship with.

A list of children's books we love.

If you listen to a lot of music with your children, then try on-demand music streaming service Spotify. The #throwbackthursday playlist this week has a love theme with some classics to get you all dancing around the kitchen.

We hope you <3 these links as much as we do! Make sure you also read our tips for tired mums and dads and catch-up with Katie's latest video.

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