Monthly pregnancy updates: six months pregnant

Are you six months pregnant? You might be wondering what will happen to your baby and body. Read the latest instalment in our month-by-month guide to pregnancy to find out more

Congratulations, you are six months pregnant! How are you feeling? We imagine you’re feeling tired, starting to feel slow, and possibly a probably a bit hungrier than usual.

For more information on month six of pregnancy, make sure you read on.

Month six of pregnancy: pregnancy symptoms

This month you’re likely to have the beginnings of a definite baby bump and the baby’s movements will start to feel more regular. Cravings might have kicked in, but don’t worry if they aren’t like they are portrayed on TV - it’s normal to have craving for textures and tastes, or strong aversions to food you’ve previously loved. Not everyone craves pickles and ice-cream.

You’re probably a lot thirstier than normal, too - so make sure you drink lots of water. Which will inevitably lead on to the other pregnancy symptom of needing the loo all the time. Glamourous, it’s not.

Month six of pregnancy: developments and changes

At 23 weeks your baby will be the size and weight of a grapefruit. Just like your bump, the baby is growing a lot this month You’re likely to have the start of a proper baby bump, although everyone’s body is different.

This month marks an important milestone, viability. From 24 weeks your baby is able to survive outside the womb (although, fingers crossed, that won't happen for a long while.

Month six of pregnancy: appointments

With your pregnancy scan happening at 20 weeks, being six months pregnant usually means you’ll see your midwife for blood tests as well as the usual checks and chat.

What to do in month six of pregnancy

  • Decide if you want to take an antenatal class. Your doctor should advise you about a free NHS class you can take, or you could book on to an NCT class.
  • If you’re not already in maternity clothes, now might be the time to look around for some more comfortable ones (remember to check on sites like Depop and eBay for some pre-loved bargains).
  • Carry on taking your pregnancy vitamins (more information in our post on why you should take a combined pregnancy supplement and for longer than 12 weeks)
  • Stay hydrated!

We'll be back shortly for more updates from month seven of pregnancy...

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