What’s it like to be three months pregnant? Here’s the latest instalment in our month-by-month guide to pregnancy What can you expect during month three of pregnancy? At this point, you're nearly at the end of the first trimester, woohoo! This is also the month you're likely to have all your first appointments, and you might start to feel slightly more human. For more information on month three of pregnancy, read on. Read about what you can expect at month 1 of pregnancy and month 2 of pregnancy

Month three of pregnancy...

Month three of pregnancy: pregnancy symptoms While you might have spent the last couple of months feeling or being sick and suffering from everything from sore boobs to extreme tiredness, it’s possible that towards the end of this month, your pregnancy symptoms might start to subside. As the placenta takes over you might start to feel less sick and more like you again. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen for everyone. Pregnancy symptoms might take a while to go and will possibly return towards the end of your pregnancy, too. Remember to always speak to a doctor or midwife if you're worried about anything. Month three of pregnancy: developments and changes As your - still tiny - baby grows, you might start to develop a baby bump. However, it’s common to have bloating and additional gas during pregnancy which can also have the same effect! You might also need to wee more, as your baby grows and presses on your bladder. Month three of pregnancy: appointments If there are no complications around your pregnancy, it’s likely that month three is when your first appointments take place. You’ll have the booking-in appointment with the midwife and usually your first pregnancy scan, the dating scan. What to do in month three of pregnancy Make sure you also read our midwife's advice on pregnancy diet and exercise...
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