March on TalkMum: the motherhood month

We're bombarded with images of mothers in the media: the advertising cliche of the busy mum, the idealised 'yummy mummy', perfectly pregnant celebrities, the perpetual battle between working vs staying at home, and constant reminders of the guilt that we're supposed to feel. But what is it actually like being a a mum in modern Britain?

  • Becoming a mother can be one of the most scariest things to happen to you, you suddenly have this little person who is totally dependent on you for everything. But that is also the best thing too; you see your child growing up, to sit, to crawl, to walk and each milestone reached brings a sense of joy as you see your child growing up. A sense of accomplishment that you are helping your child to grow up and do the things s/he needs to. But ultimately the best thing is the love you get from your child, the adoring looks when they are a baby, and the hugs and kisses, nothing can beat that! Fozia blogs over at Muslim Mummy
  • In my mind it is impossible to define the one best thing about being a mum. Creating another life, carrying and giving birth to that baby, and then sharing in their life journey is simply amazing. Mums are part of a very privileged group. Don't get me wrong though, it's not always rainbows and butterflies! Fran's blog is The Parent Social
  • Being able to re read all my old books again. I'm not sure who looks forward our bedtime story more, me or them! Read more from Cath Joyce here
  • Watching my baby grow up into an individual, with his own personality and character, has been the best thing about being a mum for me so far. Milin is fourteen months old and when I look back over his little life, it's been amazing to watch him develop into a little boy. Perhaps this is cheating, because really it's a collection of best moments rather than one best thing about being a mum, but choosing is so hard. Before he was born I suppose I hadn't thought about what it would be like to watch his character blossom, although I had wondered what he would be like. Watching as he has developed those little idiosyncracies that make us all human and make Milin the little boy he is, has been nothing short of amazing.Kiran blogs over at Hello Little Mister
  • The best and worst thing is really the same thing. Suddenly you have a small being totally dependent on you & to start with you have no idea where to begin. Amazing and terrifying!  Rachel's blog is The Little Pip
  • I love being a mum - apart from the mind-numbing lack of sleep, of course! - and my favourite thing is watching my daughter grow, as life just gets better with each new development. I often look at her in amazement and think 'wow, we made you!' And knowing she can be anything she likes, too; her future is a blank page that we're helping to write. How amazing is that? You can check out my blog, A Baby on Board

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