Looking back on Time for school month

The bell is ringing; it's the end of Time for School month

For the past few weeks we've been looking at school and nursery and all the emotions that involves. So here's some of the brilliant posts we've had this month:

Starting school, it's a roller coaster! Fran wrote about the many ups, downs and emotions of your child starting school.

Although they've been back a few weeks now, you might still have some anxieties about how your child is settling in. Rachel wrote a reassuring post about the things you shouldn't worry about when your child starts.

And for all parents who are making the primary school application this year, or taking the next step school-wise. Foz told us her tips for picking a secondary school.

We looked at the secrets of the school run and also some great tips for dealing with the after-school blues.

Need to get more organised? Here's some school organisation tips for parents or take some inspiration from these brilliant blog posts on school. If it's lunches you're struggling with, read our lunchbox tips for parents (from none other than GBBO's Nadiya Hussein!)

If you're looking for the best books on starting school and nursery we have a great list here. We also rounded up our favourite school-run slogan t-shirts for mums.

Let us know which your favourite post was! And make sure you also enter our new competition with Summer Infant.

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