Looking back on emotions month

We recap on this month's posts...

Sometimes it feels like our emotions will overwhelm us, doesn't it? Being a mum brings so many new feelings and worries with it. So we've been looking at emotions and feelings this month, kicking off with a look at the baby blues and whether it's different to post-natal depression.

Our bloggers have been writing their hearts out this month. First, we heard from Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2, who talked about the importance of being you - she thinks we need to ditch the mum guilt and focus on ourselves a little more.

Rachel from Make A Long Story Short had an important and powerful message for mums everywhere - be brave. Read her fab post here.

When you have a baby, it can feel like everyone has an opinion on everything you should (or shouldn't) be doing. Fozia from Muslim Mummy thinks we should listen to - and trust - our own instincts more. We couldn't agree more.

Lastly, we heard from Fran who blogs at The Parent Social, who wrote about how tough it can feel to juggle more than one child - she reminds us to not sweat the small stuff.

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