Looking back at the TalkMum book club month

Can you still have hobbies when you're a parent? We've been taking a look over the past few weeks...

In our TalkMum book club month we've been looking at hobbies, if it's possible to have them when you're a parent, and why they are so important.

Rachel from Make a Long Story Short wrote about her love of reading in bookworms and babies, and why it's so important to make time for yourself when you have small children.

If that's inspired you to get reading, we have a list of the best beach books for any upcoming holidays (and five classic children's books we love).

We asked some of our favourite bloggers about what hobbies they fit around motherhood(the answers might surprise you!).

If you love baking, then here's some of our favourite cake ideas, and tips on baking with toddlers.

Is music your true love? Then here's how to have more music in your life and also everything to know about family festivals (including handy lists on what to pack and where to camp. Avoid those festival loos!).

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