Looking back at sleep month


Sleep is super and we talked about it a lot this month...

It dominates our lives and conversations when we're pregnant or a new mum, so it felt fitting that we should focus on sleep here on TalkMum. We looked at what happens when you're pregnant and struggle to sleep - with experts telling us what's going on in your body and what your baby is doing to keep you awake.

We also spoke to experts about why your newborn baby sleeps a lot (but often not at night when you want to sleep!) and how to get through those early days with a smile. We looked at how much sleep we actually should be getting each night. Blogger Fozia told us what it's like when you feel like your baby is the only one who isn't sleeping through the night and Rachael spoke about sleep deprivation and why it's OK to admit it's hard.

Elsewhere, blogger Gill revealed what the not-so-secret signs that you're a second-time mum are and author Liat Hughes Joshi wrote about New Old Fashioned Parenting - what she's calling the backlash on allowing our kids to rule our lives. New blogger Alana explained what she sees as the real baby milestones, including the first time your baby has a public nappy explosion (it happens to us all!).

Next week, we'll have a brand new theme, so come back then! In the mean time, check out Top apps to track your fertility and your chance to win over £50 of toys and goodies.

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