Looking back at School Month

We take a look back at all the posts from our month dedicated to all things starting school

With September now over, leaves are on the ground, an autumnal nip is in the air and the school term is firmly under way . So we're taking a look back at all our posts on school month.

As Prince George donned his uniform for the very first time for his very public first day of school, we wrote about starting school tips for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - and all new school parents whose children are starting reception or nursery this year.

The school run is one of the big events in the day of school parents, but how do you pull it off twice a day, stress-free, and get them to school on time? It's harder than you'd think! So to help, we looked at ten tips for surviving the school run with a smile.

What would your child's teacher want you to know? There are some brilliant tips in here, from the importance of a good night's sleep through to remembering PE kits.

How do you keep head lice at bay? Stay organised in the midst of a million different forms, books and things to remember? Or deal with overtired children and a bad case of the after-school blues? We looked at essential how-tos for school mums and dads (make sure you read this!)

And here is how to take a perfect first-day photo.

Make sure you also read our posts on dealing with the after-school period and also the rules of school organisation.

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