Looking back at List Month on TalkMum

We're taking a look back at List Month on TalkMum

Over the past few weeks we've been looking at lists, on everything from fertility to pregnancy and parenting.

It's been a busy month, with new videos from Charlotte on tips for breastfeeding, and Katie on her third pregnancy and TTC journey.

We introduced our new Night Feed Nine, our round-up of the best and most entertaining links, posts and videos to keep you awake and occupied on the night feed (have you read our second instalment, with a love theme?) We've also looked at maternal mental health on Time to Talk Day and the Dads for Change campaign.

And here's five of our favourite posts from list month (which is your favourite?)

  1. Just found out that you're pregnant but not quite ready to tell yet? Here's six ways to keep your early pregnancy a secret
  2. Who are your favourite vlogging mums and dads? We look at Brummy Mummy of 2's top ten
  3. Even though half term is now finished, we think these activity ideas for young children will come in handy at any time
  4. Here's five classic children's books we love
  5. In honour of Safer Internet Day we also looked at six ways to keep your children safe online

Stay tuned for all the new posts for our next monthly theme (and here's some Mother's Day gift ideas, if you still need some inspiration).

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