Life spring cleaning month

Shh...don't tell anyone, but we think spring might finally be here! After a long and snowy winter, we know everyone is ready for a fresh start and some sunshine. So throw open the windows, it's time for Spring Month on TalkMum.

Spring cleaning was traditionally where the entire house was cleaned from top to bottom, where the winter dust and coal fire smoke was banished and the house was opened up for warmer weather. In a time before vacuum cleaners, it was where carpets and curtains were hung up outside and floors were swept.

But this month we will take a look at ways in which you can spring clean your life, instead. We know you're great as you are and already doing a brilliant job, but we will take a look at ways you can make small changes to your happiness, home life and wellness.

We will cover exercise tips for during pregnancy, look at inspiring podcasts you can listen to in your spare time. If you need some tips for organising your house, we have that covered too.

So put away your dusters; welcome to life spring cleaning month!

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