Kiran's pregnancy diary: 32 weeks pregnant, am I nearly there yet?

It's pregnancy month on TalkMum, and we're talking about all the things that only your best friend would tell you. Kiran is pregnant for the second time, and is finding pregnancy dramatically different the second time round. Here's her latest update at 32 weeks pregnant:

My body keeps reminding me how no two pregnancies are the same. I’m well into my third trimester now, and it’s impossible to forget even for a moment that I’m pregnant. Physical changes simply won’t let me. Fortunately, I’ve not experienced the swelling and carpal tunnel pain I had at this stage the first time round - but I’ve got other ailments reminding me that my body is working as hard as it can to make a little human.

At this stage in my first pregnancy, I would often walk to or from work - a decent 45 minute trek through the city. I was a regular at ashtanga and hatha yoga classes, and still proudly took up my mat position at the front of the class.

This time round, a ten minute walk around the block can see me housebound for the rest of the day, and probably the next day too. Pushing my 17-month-old son in his buggy is no longer an option. Walking up the stairs and getting in and out of bed can be agony. Lifting my little boy in and out of his high chair is sometimes impossible. In short, I’ve got pelvic girdle pain - and it’s excruciating.

I’ve never had back, hip or pelvic pain before this pregnancy. Others around me have suffered with back pain in the past, and I’ve looked on sympathetically and offered help, but never really had any frame of reference as to how hard it can make life.

My doctor, who explained that my pelvis may be out of alignment due to the relaxing of ligaments in pregnancy, this week referred me to an obstetric physio. She assured me that phsyio can often help, and I’m hoping more than anything that it will. In the meantime, I’m doing things like shifting position often, using a triangular pillow for support, steering away from housework, and trying not to lift my toddler up the stairs.

It is, however, hard to stay upbeat when the pain is pretty much constant. I can do things to stop it from getting worse, but to some degree, it is always there. I feel bad for my little boy. I love spending my days out and about with him, but that’s not possible at the moment. These were meant to be the quality weeks we had together, just us, before his sister was born. I’m frustrated by my relative inactivity, too, which given the weather is finally improving, is even harder to bear.

What the pain has made me do, however, is reflect on how lucky I am. I am incredibly lucky not to be commuting to work, where I must sit at a desk all day (as I used to). I am incredibly lucky to have the support of my parents who have the time, energy, stamina, and desire to help me out at a moment’s notice should I need it. I am incredibly lucky to have the support of an extended community of other mummies, because knowing they are there really does make a difference. But most of all, I am immeasurably lucky to be pregnant. In less than two months, this pain will sink forever into the depths of memory (hopefully!), and I will meet my daughter. I already know it will all have been worth it.

Are you pregnant for the second time? What differences have you noticed this time around?

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Kiran is a freelance writer, journalist and blogger who recently returned to her hometown of London after nearly a decade of living overseas. She is mum to a toddler, and currently expecting her second child.

Kiran blogs about all things mumsy over at Mummy Says.

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