Kiran's pregnancy diary: 28 weeks pregnant, the third trimester begins…

TalkMum blogger Kiran is currently expecting her second baby, and is sharing her pregnancy journey with us here. At 28 weeks she is now just starting her third trimester; so how is she getting on? Make sure you also read her first update, all about being 25 weeks pregnant:

I’m suddenly 28 weeks and it feels like time is speeding up. In both this and my first pregnancy I felt like the first two trimesters dragged by. I was so excited about being pregnant that time seemed to slow down, teasing me into waiting for what seemed like ages to meet my child.

It seems now, however, like the last couple of weeks have flown by. Although I’m being treated as high risk because I developed pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome in my last pregnancy, everything is progressing really well. Knowing that I’m being closely monitored is helping me feel relaxed about things this time round - which I’m sure helps me and helps my baby.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve met a few mums who have a similar age gap between their children as I will have. My son will be not quite 19 months when his sister is born. I had been worrying about this constantly, but talking to others who had gone through the same thing and hearing how they coped has been incredibly reassuring.

In my head I had a long list of all the benefits. They included things like getting the sleep deprived years over with sooner, not changing nappies for as many years, siblings that could entertain each other and play together.... But I also had a longer list of the difficulties I imagined were ahead. That went something like this: Not getting any sleep at all for the next two years, not being able to co-ordinate their day naps, struggling to give enough attention to my toddler, finding that everyday activities, like going to the supermarket or eating lunch, suddenly resemble an episode of The Krypton Factor.

But meeting - mainly by chance - a few mummies who have just come out of the other side of the early years was more than reassuring, it was also inspiring. They all admitted that it had been hard, and that there had been unimaginably tough times as well as immeasurably wonderful times. Yet having your first newborn is like that isn’t it - and I’ve made it this far.

They all spoke with a pragmatism that perhaps comes with just having to get on with it. You do it, because there’s nothing else more important to you I guess, and then one day they’re already both at school.

So, I’m not expecting the hardest years to fly by at such lightning speed that I barely notice the hiccups along the way, but I’m feeling more confident about being able to handle them. Of course we’ll cope, people do, and we will do it for our little ones. Plus, I have the most amazing family support around me which I feel the benefits of every day already.

So at 28 weeks, I’m feeling a little uplifted. Mostly. There’s also the reality of the physical pains of pregnancy that are starting to make themselves known though. I’ve developed back and hip ache. It’s there most of the time, sometimes keeps me up at night, and makes everyday activities such as carrying my toddler up the stairs or going to the park really uncomfortable.

I’m trying to stay as active as I can in this pregnancy, and having a toddler ensures I do, but back pain doesn’t make it easy. I’ve never struggled with back pain before, and I barely felt any the first time round, so this is taking some getting used to. I’m wondering if the difference in my exercise habits between pregnancies has something to do with it.

Throughout my first pregnancy I kept up my hatha pregnancy yoga classes, going four or five times a week until the last couple of weeks when I dropped down to two sessions. This time, without the freedom of time to get to any classes at all, exercise consists of going to the park for playtime and walking everywhere pushing a buggy.

Whatever the reason, I’m feeling like I have a long trimester ahead in terms of pregnancy pains. I’m trying to get my toddler to walk up the stairs, and walk around as much as possible, but sometimes his little sixteen-month-old legs are obviously too tired and he needs mum to pick him up.

I’d love to hear how your pregnancies are going - and if you have ways of coping with the aches and pains or worries, I’d also be keen to hear your tips!

Kiran blogs about parenting and motherhood at

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