Keeping babies and children safe in the sun

Do you know how to keep your children safe in the sun? Read up with our top sun facts

It looks like summer's finally here...hurrah! We're written before about ways to keep toddlers cool in warm weather, but it's important to take the right precautions to protect them and keep them safe in the sun, too.

It's natural to want to be outdoors as much as possible when you have young children with lots of energy. From camping to trips to the park and outdoor picnics there are so many fun things you can do together when you're out and about and lots of benefits for the whole family. But at the same time it 's important to keep them cool in the heat and safe in the sun.

We're all aware of the facts and what works; keeping babies and young children out of direct sunlight where possible, staying in the house during the the fiercer heat of the day, covering up with clothes (including protective swim gear) and wearing hats and sunglasses all help.

But here's ten top sun facts about suncream that you might not have known, and why it's so important for keeping babies and children safe in the sun:

  1. Think UV*A* for aging and UV*B* for burning. You need a broad-spectrum sun lotion to protect your skin from both
  2. Reapply your and your children's sun lotion every 2-4 hours for full sun protection.
  3. SPF30 = 97% protection against UNB rays, SPF50 = 98% protection
  4. No sun lotion is 100% waterproof, just as no sun lotion blocks 100% of UVB rays
  5. The SPF of a sun lotion refers only to protection against UVB radiation, not UVA
  6. Maintain UV protection by applying sun lotion liberally and regularly
  7. Up to 25% of sun lotion is washed off during a 20 minute dip
  8. Young children's skin is 30% thinner than adults, so more susceptible to sun damage
  9. Around 80% of UV rays can pass through clouds, so sun protection is vital even on cloudy days
  10. To gain the sun protection stated on the bottle, you need to apply around 30ml (about a shot glass) of sun cream to your entire body.

Thanks to Green People for these facts.

And if you're pregnant, read our posts on keeping cool in the heat and surviving a summer pregnancy...with a smile (yes, really!)

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