Introducing…the TalkMum Night Feed Nine

Looking for some entertaining night feed reads? Look no further...

When you have a very new - or not so new - baby, it can seem like you're up feeding at all hours of the night. We know night feeds can be cosy, calm and lovely...but then they can also be long, slightly lonely and you might find it difficult to keep your eyes open.

A new feature for TalkMum, our Night Feed Nine is a brand new round-up with nine quick, fun and useful links to keep you entertained and awake when you're trying not to fall asleep, and fill you in on anything you might have missed in the baby bubble.

Here's our first Night Feed Nine round-up:

  1. If you've not already seen it, then the James Corden and Adele Carpool Karaokeis uplifting, funny and brilliant - perfect for 3am (just keep the volume down and try really hard not to sing along)
  2. Have you seen that the Oscar nominations are out?
  3. Why Rachel won't be wishing you the 'best ever year' in 2016
  4. When wedding photos go wrong...
  5. Should more offices have on-site childcare? Would this make a difference to your family and work life?
  6. Catch-up on our inspirational ideas for January and all our favourite posts from 2016.
  7. And if you're yet to have the baby and are still awake, then read our tips on dealing with pregnancy insomnia
  8. With news that it may be back for a reunion, Mumsnetters share their favourite moments from Friends (which one is yours?)
  9. And finally, do you speak Emoji? If so, good news for all the mothers out there - a new addition in the form of a pregnant lady is coming soon.

Happy night feed reading...

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