How to survive the office Christmas party when you’re pregnant

It’s Christmas, but how do you survive the office Christmas party when you’re pregnant?

Party season is fun, but it can be hard to get in the spirit for your office Christmas party when you’re pregnant.

You might be rocking a growing bump that means your usual sparkly dresses don’t fit, your feet may hurt too much for party shoes, or you might be struggling to stay awake when everyone’s just getting going.

But being pregnant doesn't mean you can't still have fun. Here are tips for how to survive the office Christmas party when you’re pregnant:

Our first tip is - don’t go if you don’t want to. If you really don’t feel up to it, sit this one out. No-one will mind, and there’s nothing worse than dragging yourself out when you would rather be at home watching trashy TV in your maternity pyjamas with snacks balanced on your bump.

However, go if you want - being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and there’s nothing to stop you going, if you feel up to it.

If you’re still keeping your pregnancy a secret just yet, don’t tell everyone you’re not drinking (or even that you’re on antibiotics - everyone will see through that). Accept a drink and hold it for a while, then put it down when no-one’s looking. Throw people off the scent by drinking mixers in a spirit glass. Read more tips for keeping your early pregnancy secret.

Invest in one maternity party dress that will make you feel good, as well as comfortable (we like ASOS maternity, or TopShop). And wear flats, or comfortable shoes that won’t hurt (but again, wear heels if you want!)

Get there early and bag a good seat. Don’t feel you have to stand up all night. Sit down and get comfy.

See the menu early. Avoid any confusion about what you can and can’t eat by asking to see beforehand what’s for dinner, and requesting any changes. Check on the cheeseboard too, as while there are some you can’t eat, you can partake in pasteurised cheese and even Stilton is now OK.

While alcohol is off the menu this year, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to boring old lemonde. There are many alcohol-free versions of drinks available, or tasty soft drinks, or delicious alcohol-free mocktails are easy on the stomach.

Leave when you want. Don’t feel you have to stay till the bitter end (unless you want to!).

The free bar will usually kick in at around 9pm, so make your excuses then instead of sticking around while people tipsily rant at you.

And finally, relish not having a hangover or any morning-after regret ...surely the best thing about the party this year?

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