How to shake off the parenting blues

How do you shake off the parenting blues? When you’re a parent of small children, some days can seem a bit bleak, especially when everyone’s tired, you’ve been up since goodness-knows-what AM, and you’re coping with anything from teething to badly timed disaster naps or even the nightmare of no naps at all.

Being a parent is brilliant but the parenting blues, those days everyone has occasionally when everything seems grey and miserable, can be hard to shake.

In a bid to brighten your week, here are some suggestions for fail-safe ways to cheer everyone up, including yourself.

Five ways to shake off the parenting blues

Get out of the house

Our first idea for how to shake off the parenting blues is simple. Getting out of the house is one way of cheering everyone up, especially if cabin fever has set in. Fresh air will clear even the most sleep-muddled of heads, and even if you just go to the shop or the park, it will burn off some energy and make you feel like you’ve all ‘done’ something. Try and leave the house at least once a day, if you can.

Have a kitchen disco

Getting out of the house is a cure-all, but for those days when it won’t stop raining, or you can’t quite manage it, put on some loud music and get everyone to dance around. Exercise will release endorphins, the feel-good chemical, and it’s a sure-fire way to shake off the parenting blues because it’s fun. CBeebies Radio has a selection of music-themed shows, with songs from your children’s favourite programmes.

Find a reliable playgroup or baby group

If you’re feeling glum because you’re constantly stuck in the house, find a local playgroup or baby group for a hot tea and some sympathetic chat from other adults. While there are millions of different baby groups from Monkey Music to Gymboree, there are usually very cheap playgroups taking place in your local church hall, which are also a good way to meet other mums.

Talk to someone

Often, when it comes to parenting, you’ll find that it’s not just you - everyone else has experienced something similar. So reach out and talk to someone, be it your mum, a friend or someone from your NCT class. If you feel like what you’re experiencing is more than just an occasional bad day, it’s really important to tell someone and speak to your health visitor or doctor for help.

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Make sure you look after you, too

While we know you’re brilliant at meeting the needs of your child, it can be difficult to look after yourself. As a new mum, it can seem like you often come last on the list of urgent needs, but if you are the primary caregiver then you need to be in good place to give the care. So our final suggestion for how to shake off the parenting blues is to start with the basics - have you eaten a proper meal today? Have you drunk any water? Can you put the baby in the bouncer while you have a shower? If you’re tired, would going to bed when your children do help? Remember that you are important too.

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