Healthy Signs of Pregnancy

The ability to sense whether you are pregnant varies from woman to woman. Whilst some women have a suspicion almost straight away, others may need to wait until the signs of pregnancy begin to appear. Usually, this will be when the fertilised egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus at about 10 days.

1: Fatigue

If you’re feeling tired, it may not just be down to a busy week at work – pregnancy affects your energy levels almost right from the time you have conceived.

Whilst fatigue alone is not a strong symptom of pregnancy, it does commonly occur amongst women in their first trimester.

2: Feeling sick

One of the more commonly known signs of pregnancy is nausea, which is in most cases perfectly healthy. This can actually affect you at any time – morning or evening – and usually occurs among women at week four to six.

3: Tender, swollen breasts

As your body adapts to pregnancy, it is normal to experience tender or sore breasts. Often, this will occur during the first trimester and will ease as time goes on.

4: A missed period

A missed period is one of the surest signs of pregnancy. If your periods are very regular and you keep track of them, you might suspect that you are pregnant as soon as you miss a period. However, if your periods are more irregular or you have not managed to keep track of them recently, this may be less of a reliable indicator.

5: The proof – a positive test!

Finally, one of the clearest healthy signs of pregnancy is a positive pregnancy test! Most home pregnancy tests are almost 100% reliable, so if the blue line appears on your pregnancy test, chances are you are pregnant! Many women decide to take an extra test just to be sure, so if you feel you’d like to take a second pregnancy test you are certainly not alone. You can also book an appointment with your doctor who will confirm whether or not you are pregnant.

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