Five reasons why it’s list month on TalkMum

Introducing our new monthly's list month on TalkMum

Here's five reasons why it's list month on TalkMum:

  1. Because everyone loves a list. It's neat, organised and definitive, and a way of pulling together all the strands of things that are chaotic
  2. As a mum, lists are pretty fundamental to organising everything and everyone in your life. It's a quick and easy way of staying on top of the millions of things you have to do for yourself and everyone around you, and step one on the path to making you feel more sorted
  3. Half of the job is done when you write it on your 'to do' list, we reckon. And is there anything more satisfying than crossing things off?
  4. But this month isn't about shopping and to dos - we're going to be looking at top tens, favourite things, tips and hints about motherhood and family life
  5. Want to read more? Then stay turned...

And here's a list of five other TalkMum posts you should read:

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