February on TalkMum: the first few months…

So you finally give birth and manage to make it back safely from hospital with all of you in one piece. You get home, shut the door, look at each other, look at the baby...and then what?

This February on TalkMum is all about the first few months after you give birth. Having a new baby is everything and nothing you’re expecting, and you’ll feel a million different emotions (often all at once!). There’s so much to get to grips with and a whole new world of sources of information and advice: manuals, magazines, midwives, health visitors, mums, dads, friends. What do you trust and who do you listen to? How do you cope with this enormous - and incredibly exciting - change in your life?

We’ll be taking a look at what our bloggers wish they’d known when they first became parents, how to cope when your family grows, recovering from labour, dealing with emotions post-birth and how to get out and about and meet other mums.

And starting from this month, to kick-off the theme some of our TalkMums will give their thoughts and opinions on a particular question. This month, we’re talking about the best piece of advice you’d give to new parents:

  • Have the new parent book there as a reference guide and back up, but the best piece of advice I could give a new parent is: you can, and should trust your own instincts. Francesa De Franco
  • The best piece of advice I have is twofold: first, as the parents, you are the expert on your child. Trust your instincts. As my husband says, parenting is holistic and what is best for our child might not be best for yours. Listen to other people's opinions certainly but trust your instincts (and ignore people when necessary). The second is, leave the house as much as possible. You might find yourself walking in circles in the local park but it's better than being stuck inside. I felt so much better in the fresh air. Even just walking to the coffee shop to pick up a coffee and walking home again makes you feel like you've done something with your day. The more you get out and about, the easier it is. And don't worry about the baby crying or having to change a massive explosive nappy. You will encounter both and you will survive both. I promise. Rachel, The Little Pip
  • Don't try to be Super Mum, accept all offers of help and then you can enjoy your baby without being too tired and grumpy! Cath Joyce
  • Do as little as possible! Get a cleaner, even if it’s for the first few weeks, accept all offers of help - and food - and just concentrate on getting to know your baby. And if you’re breastfeeding, make sure every time you sit down to feed you have your phone, the TV remote and a glass of water within easy reach; you could be pinned there for hours! Gill, A Baby on Board

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give a new parent? Let us know!

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