Enjoying your time as a mother

This week, we're discussing the importance of rest and relaxation. TalkMum blogger Jax shares her advice about how you can ensure that you enjoy your time during pregnancy as as a new mum.

How to keep rested in pregnancy and with a new baby?

That's a toughie. It's more about attitude than anything else I suspect.

In pregnancy, oddly, it works best if you can keep active - it's all too easy to turn into a couch potato, particularly towards the end.

But gentle walking and swimming will ease the aches and pains in hips and legs, keeping your nutrients balanced keeps the worst of the twitching away (it was the twitching that stopped me sleeping!) and if you can work in a nap in the afternoon, you've got it cracked. The thing to remember is it doesn't last forever and the prize at the end is well worth it.

Once you've actually got that baby, your needs come second. Or so it might seem.

In reality, if you aren't happy and well, your baby can't be. So while they need lots of attention, you need to make sure you give yourself some too. Nap when baby is napping if you're lucky enough to get a model that naps. Snatch those half hour lie downs as and when you can.

But another good idea is, if you're breastfeeding, to use those hours sitting feeding to do something for yourself. Catch up on your reading. I've cracked crochet, at least when he's on the left breast, and I've heard tell of some people who can knit over a feeding baby.

More than anything though, try to foster an attitude of enjoying your time with your snuggly baby. You can feel resentful or frustrated at times that you're stuck there with a baby in your arms or on your knee while the house deteriorates around you and the washing piles up. It won't do you or the baby any good.

This phase really really doesn't last forever. I know it feels like it does, when you're pacing the floor at 3am with a screaming baby, but when you look back on it you'll realise it flew by, and it doesn't come again.

So the most restful thing you can do is find your enjoyment in the face of your baby. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit twee, but trust me, it works.

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