Celebrity mums - should we aspire to be just like them?

This week on TalkMum we’re focussing on pregnancy in the media. Our resident mum- blogger Catherine, gives us her views on the portrayal of pregnancy in our newspapers and magazines…

Fact – celebrities are big business

If we weren't so interested in other people’s lives, magazines that show celebrities wouldn’t exist as there just wouldn’t be a market for them.

Over recent years celebrity Mums seem to be everywhere. Magazines love showing photographs of celebrity Mums out and about with their families. The manufacturers of baby products must love the free publicity and I can almost see them rubbing their hands in glee as a major celebrity is shown with their new pram, baby carrier or accessory. Having a star with their product must boost sales no end and is the sort of free advertising every company must wish for.

Magazines have pages dedicated to copying a celebrity’s style. A picture of a pregnant celebrity is often shown along with where you can buy the clothes from. Usually these clothes are expensive and way out of our price range! Celebrities always seem to look good, even when pregnant but then they have the money to go and buy whatever clothes they like. Most people I know have a budget and need to buy maternity clothes that can be worn for a number of different occasions. I used to buy basic black maternity tops and team them with jeans for the weekend and a smart skirt for work. I used brightly coloured necklaces to try and make them look different. My “capsule maternity wardrobe” was packed away after my first son and then came out again for number two. Four years later fashions had changed but having bought wisely first time round I just added different accessories to bring them back up to date. I can’t imagine many celebrity Mum’s storing their maternity clothes for number two as with the amount of publicity they receive they must also feel under pressure to always look good and be fashionable.
Whilst I looked at the articles in the magazines, I felt no pressure at all to copy celebrity styles but I’m sure there are lots of women out there who see these articles and then rush out to buy whatever their favourite celebrity is wearing.

I do feel the media are portraying an unrealistic image with all the coverage they give to celebrity Mums. No sooner have these celebrities given birth than they are seen out pushing the pram having lost all their baby weight in a couple of weeks. This isn’t the real world! These Mums can afford a personal trainer and probably also a nanny to look after their child whilst they work out!

New mums shouldn’t feel under pressure to be like a celebrity as losing weight should be done by eating sensibly and exercising. Most people I know realise that whilst they might dream of losing weight as quick as Victoria Beckham, it just isn’t going to happen!

What are your thoughts on the way celebrity Mums are featured in the media?

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